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TX » TX Logistik Network Europe

As a customer, you benefit from our organically grown network. We connect the hot spots in the European business centres.

Our network maps will provide you with an overview of the available opportunities, or you can set the filters in our complete Schedule to see the parameters of your routes. Both ways enable you to find the connections that meet your needs and obtain a detailed presentation of all connection data.

TX Network Europe

On this map, you can see the countries in which we operate. A click will take you to the next level where you can search for individual intermodal connections in the existing network.

Or are you looking for a transport solution for conventional mass goods? If so, please contact us to talk about your individual requirements:

TXCARGOSTAR continental + maritim

TXCARGOSTAR: The complete schedule

Country of Departure
Day of Loading
Früheste Anlieferung
Earliest Delivery
Country of Arrival
Day of Arrival
Germany1Leipzig19:00 hItalySona306:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Leipzig19:30 hItalySona306:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Leipzig19:30 hItalySona406:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Leipzig19:30 hItalySona506:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Leipzig20:30 hItalySona506:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Leipzig19:00 hItalySona606:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Leipzig19:30 hItalySona606:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Leipzig19:30 hItalySona106:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Leipzig / No RID / WASTE 11:00 hItalySona206:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Leipzig19:00 hItalySona206:00 hC70/P400
Italy1Sona20:00 hGermanyLeipzig305:30 hC70/P400
Italy2Sona11:00 hGermanyLeipzig311:00 hC70/P400
Italy2Sona20:00 hGermanyLeipzig405:30 hC70/P400
Italy3Sona11:00 hGermanyLeipzig411:00 hC70/P400
Italy3Sona20:00 hGermanyLeipzig505:30 hC70/P400
Italy4Sona20:00 hGermanyLeipzig605:30 hC70/P400
Italy5Sona11:00 hGermanyLeipzig611:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Sona20:00 hGermanyLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
Italy6Sona12:00 hGermanyLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
Italy6Sona12:00 hGermanyLeipzig205:30 hC70/P400
Germany1Leipzig19:30 hAustriaHall218:30 hC70/P400
Germany2Leipzig19:30 hAustriaHall320:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Leipzig19:30 hAustriaHall506:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Leipzig19:30 hAustriaHall607:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Leipzig19:30 hAustriaHall110:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Leipzig / No RID11:00 hAustriaHall206:00 hC70/P400
Austria1Hall15:30 hGermanyLeipzig305:30 hC70/P400
Austria2Hall15:30 hGermanyLeipzig405:30 hC70/P400
Austria3Hall18:30 hGermanyLeipzig505:30 hC70/P400
Austria4Hall15:30 hGermanyLeipzig605:30 hC70/P400
Austria5Hall15:30 hGermanyLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
Austria6Hall11:30 hGermanyLeipzig205:30 hC70/P400
Germany1Lubeck BRG21:30 hItalyVerona305:15 hC70/P400
Germany2Lubeck BRG21:30 hItalyVerona405:15 hC70/P400
Germany3Lubeck BRG15:00 hItalyVerona505:15 hC70/P400
Germany3Lubeck BRG21:30 hItalyVerona505:15 hC70/P400
Germany4Lubeck BRG21:30 hItalyVerona605:15 hC70/P400
Germany5Lubeck BRG / No RID21:30 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany6Lubeck BRG21:30 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany7Lubeck BRG18:00 hItalyVerona205:15 hC70/P400
Italy1Verona22:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG308:00 hC70/P400
Italy2Verona11:00 hGermanyLubeck BRG315:30 hC70/P400
Italy2Verona22:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG408:00 hC70/P400
Italy3Verona22:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG508:00 hC70/P400
Italy4Verona22:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG608:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Verona22:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG708:00 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG719:00 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hGermanyLubeck BRG108:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Lübeck BRG23:00 hItalySegrate410:30 hC70/P400
Germany3Lübeck BRG23:00 hItalySegrate510:30 hC70/P400
Germany5Lübeck BRG / No RID23:00 hItalySegrate106:00 hC70/P400
Germany7Lübeck BRG17:30 hItalySegrate210:30 hC70/P400
Italy1Segrate12:30 hGermanyLübeck BRG223:00 hC70/P400
Italy2Segrate12:30 hGermanyLübeck BRG323:00 hC70/P400
Italy4Segrate12:30 hGermanyLübeck BRG523:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Segrate12:30 hGermanyLübeck BRG623:00 hC70/P400
Italy4Verona16:00 hDenmarkPadborg608:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Verona16:00 hDenmarkPadborg101:00 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hDenmarkPadborg102:30 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hDenmarkPadborg107:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Rostock06:00 hItalyVerona213:30 hC70/P400
Germany3Rostock06:00 hItalyVerona413:30 hC70/P400
Germany4Rostock06:00 hItalyVerona513:30 hC70/P400
Germany5Rostock06:00 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany7Rostock17:30 hItalyVerona205:15 hC70/P400
Italy1Verona16:00 hGermanyRostock220:00 hC70/P400
Italy2Verona16:00 hGermanyRostock320:00 hC70/P400
Italy3Verona16:00 hGermanyRostock420:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Verona10:00 hGermanyRostock617:00 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona07:30 hGermanyRostock717:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hItalyVerona211:30 hC70/P400
Germany1Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hItalyVerona305:15 hC70/P400
Germany2Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hItalyVerona 311:30 hC70/P400
Germany2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hItalyVerona405:15 hC70/P400
Germany3Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hItalyVerona 411:30 hC70/P400
Germany3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hItalyVerona 505:15 hC70/P400
Germany4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hItalyVerona605:15 hC70/P400
Germany5Cologne Eifeltor / No RID08:00 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany6Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Italy1Verona15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 217:30 hC70/P400
Italy1Verona22:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 301:30 hC70/P400
Italy2Verona15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 317:30 hC70/P400
Italy3Verona15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 417:30 hC70/P400
Italy3Verona22:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 501:30 hC70/P400
Italy4Verona15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 517:30 hC70/P400
Italy4Verona22:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 601:30 hC70/P400
Italy5Verona15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 101:30 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 117:30 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor 201:30 hC70/P400
Germany1Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hAustriaHall206:00 hPC70/400
Germany1Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hAustriaHall306:00 hPC70/400
Germany2Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hAustriaHall306:00 hPC70/400
Germany2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hAustriaHall406:00 hPC70/400
Germany3Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hAustriaHall406:00 hPC70/400
Germany3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hAustriaHall506:00 hPC70/400
Germany4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hAustriaHall606:00 hPC70/400
Germany5Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hAustriaHall107:00 hPC70/400
Germany5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hAustriaHall107:00 hPC70/400
Germany6Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hAustriaHall107:00 hPC70/400
Austria1Hall16:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor217:30 hPC70/400
Austria1Hall20:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor301:30 hPC70/400
Austria2Hall16:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor317:30 hPC70/400
Austria2Hall20:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor417:30 hPC70/400
Austria3Hall16:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor501:30 hPC70/400
Austria3Hall20:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor517:30 hPC70/400
Austria4Hall16:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor601:30 hPC70/400
Austria5Hall15:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor101:30 hPC70/400
Austria5Hall20:00 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor117:30 hPC70/400
Austria6Hall11:30 hGermanyCologne Eifeltor201:30 hPC70/400
Germany1Herne18:00 hItalyVerona305:15 hC70/P400
Germany2Herne18:00 hItalyVerona405:15 hC70/P400
Germany3Herne18:00 hItalyVerona505:15 hC70/P400
Germany4Herne18:00 hItalyVerona605:15 hC70/P400
Germany5Herne18:00 hItalyVerona105:15 hC70/P400
Germany6Herne12:00 hItalyVerona205:15 hC70/P400
Italy1Verona22:30 hGermanyHerne307:00 hC70/P400
Italy2Verona22:30 hGermanyHerne407:00 hC70/P400
Italy3Verona22:30 hGermanyHerne507:00 hC70/P400
Italy4Verona22:30 hGermanyHerne607:00 hC70/P400
Italy5Verona22:30 hGermanyHerne107:00 hC70/P400
Italy6Verona11:30 hGermanyHerne207:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Herne18:00 hAustriaHall222:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Herne18:00 hAustriaHall322:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Herne18:00 hAustriaHall422:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Herne18:00 hAustriaHall522:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Herne18:00 hAustriaHall106:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Herne12:00 hAustriaHall122:00 hC70/P400
Austria1Hall20:00 hGermanyHerne307:00 hC70/P400
Austria2Hall20:00 hGermanyHerne407:00 hC70/P400
Austria3Hall20:00 hGermanyHerne507:00 hC70/P400
Austria4Hall20:00 hGermanyHerne607:00 hC70/P400
Austria5Hall20:00 hGermanyHerne107:00 hC70/P400
Austria6Hall11:30 hGermanyHerne207:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Herne21:30 hAustriaVienna302:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Herne01:30 hAustriaVienna307:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Herne21:30 hAustriaVienna402:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Herne01:30 hAustriaVienna407:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Herne21:30 hAustriaVienna502:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Herne01:30 hAustriaVienna507:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Herne21:30 hAustriaVienna602:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Herne17:00 hAustriaVienna100:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Herne / No RID23:30 hAustriaVienna110:30 hC70/P400
Germany6Herne13:00 hAustriaVienna119:00 hC70/P400
Austria1Vienna22:00 hGermanyHerne304:00 hC70/P400
Austria2Vienna03:00 hGermanyHerne307:00 hC70/P400
Austria2Vienna22:00 hGermanyHerne404:00 hC70/P400
Austria3Vienna03:00 hGermanyHerne407:00 hC70/P400
Austria3Vienna22:00 hGermanyHerne504:00 hC70/P400
Austria4Vienna03:00 hGermanyHerne507:00 hC70/P400
Austria4Vienna22:00 hGermanyHerne604:00 hC70/P400
Austria5Vienna03:00 hGermanyHerne102:00 hC70/P400
Austria5Vienna22:00 hGermanyHerne104:00 hC70/P400
Austria6Vienna12:00 hGermanyHerne204:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Cologne Niehl20:30 hRomaniaCurtici 401:00 hC70/P400
Germany2Cologne Niehl20:30 hRomaniaCurtici 501:00 hC70/P400
Germany3Cologne Niehl20:30 hRomaniaCurtici 601:00 hC70/P400
Germany4Cologne Niehl20:30 hRomaniaCurtici 701:00 hC70/P400
Germany5Cologne Niehl20:30 hRomaniaCurtici 101:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Cologne Niehl10:30 hRomaniaCurtici 201:00 hC70/P400
Germany6Cologne Niehl12:00 hRomaniaCurtici 301:00 hC70/P400
Romania1Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl407:00 hC70/P400
Romania2Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl507:00 hC70/P400
Romania3Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl609:00 hC70/P400
Romania4Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
Romania5Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
Romania6Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl207:00 hC70/P400
Romania7Curtici23:59 hGermanyCologne Niehl307:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Cologne North21:00 hItalyBologna307:00 hP70/P400
Germany2Cologne North21:00 hItalyBologna407:00 hP70/P400
Germany3Cologne North21:00 hItalyBologna507:00 hP70/P400
Germany4Cologne North21:00 hItalyBologna607:00 hP70/P400
Germany5Cologne North / No RID21:00 hItalyBologna107:00 hP70/P400
Germany6Cologne North13:30 hItalyBologna207:00 hP70/P400
Italy1Bologna20:00 hGermanyCologne North306:00 hP70/P400
Italy2Bologna20:00 hGermanyCologne North406:00 hP70/P400
Italy3Bologna20:00 hGermanyCologne North506:00 hP70/P400
Italy4Bologna20:00 hGermanyCologne North606:00 hP70/P400
Italy5Bologna20:00 hGermanyCologne North106:00 hP70/P400
Italy6Bologna / No RID10:30 hGermanyCologne North206:00 hP70/P400
Germany1Duisburg DUSS22:00 hItalySegrate305:30 hP70/P400
Germany2Duisburg DUSS22:00 hItalySegrate405:30 hP70/P400
Germany3Duisburg DUSS22:00 hItalySegrate505:30 hP70/P400
Germany4Duisburg DUSS22:00 hItalySegrate605:30 hP70/P400
Germany5Duisburg DUSS / No RID22:00 hItalySegrate105:30 hP70/P400
Germany6Duisburg DUSS11:30 hItalySegrate205:30 hP70/P400
Italy1Segrate20:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS306:00 hP70/P400
Italy2Segrate20:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS406:00 hP70/P400
Italy3Segrate20:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS506:00 hP70/P400
Italy4Segrate20:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS606:00 hP70/P400
Italy5Segrate20:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS106:00 hP70/P400
Italy6Segrate / No RID12:00 hGermanyDuisburg DUSS206:00 hP70/P400
Netherland1Venlo19:30 hItalyMelzo305:00 hP70/P400
Netherland3Venlo19:30 hItalyMelzo505:00 hP70/P400
Netherland5Venlo19:30 hItalyMelzo105:00 hP70/P400
Italy1Melzo21:30 hNetherlandVenlo306:00 hP70/P400
Italy3Melzo18:00 hNetherlandVenlo506:00 hP70/P400
Italy5Melzo18:00 hNetherlandVenlo106:00 hP70/P400
Sweden1Malmo20:30 hSwedenEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
Sweden2Malmo20:30 hSwedenEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
Sweden3Malmo20:30 hSwedenEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
Sweden4Malmo20:30 hSwedenEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
Sweden5Malmo20:30 hSwedenEskilstuna608:00 hC70/P400
Sweden7Malmo12:00 hSwedenEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
Sweden1Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenMalmo207:30 hC70/P400
Sweden2Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenMalmo307:30 hC70/P400
Sweden3Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenMalmo407:30 hC70/P400
Sweden4Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenMalmo507:30 hC70/P400
Sweden5Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenMalmo607:30 hC70/P400
Sweden6Eskilstuna10:00 hSwedenMalmo708:30 hC70/P400
Sweden1Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
Sweden2Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
Sweden3Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
Sweden4Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
Sweden5Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna608:00 hC70/P400
Sweden7Trelleborg15:00 hSwedenEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
Sweden7Trelleborg19:30 hSwedenEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
Sweden1Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenTrelleborg207:00 hC70/P400
Sweden2Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenTrelleborg307:00 hC70/P400
Sweden3Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenTrelleborg407:00 hC70/P400
Sweden4Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenTrelleborg507:00 hC70/P400
Sweden5Eskilstuna19:30 hSwedenTrelleborg607:00 hC70/P400
Sweden6Eskilstuna10:00 hSwedenTrelleborg711:00 hC70/P400
Sweden6Eskilstuna10:00 hSwedenTrelleborg117:00 hC70/P400
Germany1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg300:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg400:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg500:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg600:30 h
Germany6Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg100:30 h
Germany7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyNuremberg122:00 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim305:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim405:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim505:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim105:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyUlm305:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyUlm505:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyUlm608:00 h
Germany6Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyUlm105:30 h
Germany7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyUlm205:30 h
Germany1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich211:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich311:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich411:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich422:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich511:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hGermanyMunich609:00 h
Germany1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg300:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg400:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg500:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg600:30 h
Germany6Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg100:30 h
Germany7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandNuremberg122:00 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandKornwestheim305:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandKornwestheim405:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandKornwestheim505:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hDeutschlandKornwestheim105:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyUlm305:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyUlm505:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyUlm608:00 h
Germany6Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyUlm105:30 h
Germany7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyUlm205:30 h
Germany1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich211:30 h
Germany2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich311:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich411:30 h
Germany3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich422:30 h
Germany4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich511:30 h
Germany5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hGermanyMunich609:00 h
Germany5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim610:00 h
Germany1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim309:30 h
Germany6Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim205:00 h
Germany1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMannheim308:00 h
Germany3Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMannheim508:00 h
Germany5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMannheim112:00 h
Germany2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg408:30 h
Germany4Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg515:30 h
Germany7Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg114:30 h
Germany1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg308:30 h
Germany2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt413:30 h
Germany4Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt515:00 h
Germany7Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt115:00 h
Germany1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt314:30 h
Germany2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich621:30 h
Germany5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich306:30 h
Germany2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich406:30 h
Germany5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich109:30 h
Germany2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm513:00 h
Germany1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm319:00 h
Germany3Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm509:30 h
Germany5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm109:30 h
Germany3Frankfurt3 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate413:00 h
Germany4Frankfurt4 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate514:00 h
Germany5Frankfurt5 // 14:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate623:00 h
Germany6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate718:00 h
Germany1Frankfurt1 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA213:15 h
Germany4Frankfurt4 // 16:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA519:00 h
Germany5Frankfurt5 // 14:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA623:15 h
Germany6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA719:15 h
Germany1Frankfurt1 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB215:00 h
Germany3Frankfurt3 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB415:30 h
Germany6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB722:30 h
Germany1Frankfurt1 // 16:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate313:00 h
Germany1Frankfurt1 // 16:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
Germany5Frankfurt5 // 16:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate716:00 h
Germany6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt314:30 h
Germany3Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt413:30 h
Germany5Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt609:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim208:00 h
Germany4Hamburg CTA13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim408:00 h
Germany6Hamburg CTA13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim612:00 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyNuremberg308:30 h
Germany3Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyNuremberg408:30 h
Germany5Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyNuremberg608:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim309:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim405:00 h
Germany5Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim611:30 h
Germany6Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim106:30 h
Germany7Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim205:00 h
Germany1Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyUlm219:00 h
Germany2Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyUlm319:00 h
Germany3Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyUlm419:00 h
Germany4Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyUlm509:30 h
Germany6Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyUlm109:30 h
Germany1Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyMunich206:30 h
Germany4Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyMunich521:30 h
Germany6Hamburg CTA13:00 hGermanyMunich109:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt314:30 h
Germany4Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt515:00 h
Germany7Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt114:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim308:00 h
Germany5Hamburg CTB13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim608:00 h
Germany6Hamburg CTB13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim112:00 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyNuremberg308:30 h
Germany4Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyNuremberg508:30 h
Germany7Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyNuremberg108:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim309:30 h
Germany4Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim511:30 h
Germany6Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim105:00 h
Germany7Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim111:30 h
Germany7Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim205:00 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyUlm309:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyUlm319:00 h
Germany3Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyUlm419:00 h
Germany4Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyUlm519:00 h
Germany6Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyUlm109:30 h
Germany2Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyMunich311:30 h
Germany4Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyMunich521:30 h
Germany5Hamburg CTB13:00 hGermanyMunich606:00 h
Germany2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt413:30 h
Germany4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt515:00 h
Germany5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt609:30 h
Germany7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyFrankfurt114:30 h
Germany4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim508:00 h
Germany5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim608:00 h
Germany6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hDeutschlandMannheim112:00 h
Germany1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg208:30 h
Germany4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg508:30 h
Germany5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyNuremberg722:00 h
Germany1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim212:30 h
Germany2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim311:30 h
Germany4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim605:00 h
Germany6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim106:30 h
Germany7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyKornwestheim205:00 h
Germany3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm409:00 h
Germany4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm509:30 h
Germany7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyUlm119:00 h
Germany3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich406:30 h
Germany6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hGermanyMunich109:30 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 14:00 h1 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III214:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h3 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III414:00 h
Germany4Kornwestheim3 // 06:00 h4 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III516:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim4 // 06:00 h5 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III614:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h1 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV214:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim1 // 06:00 h3 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV414:00 h
Germany4Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h4 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV516:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim3 // 06:00 h5 // 14:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV614:00 h
Germany2Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h2 // 12:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate314:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim1 // 06:00 h3 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate415:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h3 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate423:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim3 // 06:00 h5 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate623:00 h
Germany6Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h5 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate721:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h1 // 12:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA209:15 h
Germany1Kornwestheim1 // 06:00 h1 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA220:45 h
Germany2Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h1 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA323:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim4 // 06:00 h5 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA623:15 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h1 // 12:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB213:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim1 // 06:00 h1 // 14:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB214:00 h
Germany2Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h1 // 20:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB321:30 h
Germany3Kornwestheim3 // 06:00 h3 // 17:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB415:30 h
Germany4Kornwestheim4 // 06:00 h4 // 12:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB512:00 h
Germany6Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h6 // 12:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB714:30 h
Germany6Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h5 // 21:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate616:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim1 // 06:00 h1 // 20:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
Germany2Kornwestheim2 // 06:00 h2 // 20:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim3 // 06:00 h3 // 17:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim5 // 06:00 h5 // 20:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
Germany3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate413:00 h
Germany5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate616:00 h
Germany6Mannheim5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate715:00 h
Germany1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA213:15 h
Germany3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA413:15 h
Germany5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA623:15 h
Germany1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB215:00 h
Germany5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB614:00 h
Germany6Mannheim5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB716:00 h
Germany1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
Germany3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
Germany5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
Germany1Munich1 // 17:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III300:00 h
Germany2Munich2 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III400:00 h
Germany3Munich3 // 05:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III408:00 h
Germany3Munich3 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III422:00 h
Germany4Munich4 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III522:00 h
Germany5Munich5 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III700:00 h
Germany6Munich6 // 12:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III208:00 h
Germany6Munich5 // 20:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III716:00 h
Germany1Munich1 // 17:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV300:00 h
Germany2Munich2 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV400:00 h
Germany3Munich3 // 05:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV408:00 h
Germany3Munich3 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV422:00 h
Germany4Munich4 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV522:00 h
Germany5Munich5 // 20:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV700:00 h
Germany6Munich6 // 12:30 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV208:00 h
Germany6Munich5 // 20:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV716:00 h
Germany2Munich2 // 16:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate319:00 h
Germany5Munich5 // 08:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate113:30 h
Germany1Munich1 // 20:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA218:00 h
Germany2Munich2 // 16:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA318:15 h
Germany4Munich4 // 11:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA519:45 h
Germany3Munich3 // 19:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB421:30 h
Germany1Munich1 // 20:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB217:00 h
Germany6Munich6 // 12:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB718:00 h
Germany5Munich5 // 08:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate215:00 h
Germany1Munich1 // 20:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
Germany2Munich2 // 16:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
Germany4Munich4 // 11:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate615:00 h
Germany1Nuremberg1 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III209:00 h
Germany2Nuremberg1 // 19:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III304:00 h
Germany3Nuremberg3 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III409:00 h
Germany4Nuremberg4 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III509:00 h
Germany5Nuremberg5 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III608:00 h
Germany6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III109:00 h
Germany1Nuremberg1 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV209:00 h
Germany2Nuernberg1 // 19:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV304:00 h
Germany3Nuernberg3 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV409:00 h
Germany4Nuernberg4 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV509:00 h
Germany5Nuernberg5 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV608:00 h
Germany6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV109:00 h
Germany1Nuremberg1 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate214:00 h
Germany5Nuremberg5 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate119:00 h
Germany2Nuremberg2 // 19:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA313:15 h
Germany4Nuremberg4 // 19:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA513:30 h
Germany6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hGermanyHamburg CTA120:45 h
Germany1Nuremberg1 // 08:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB211:00 h
Germany3Nuremberg3 // 18:00 hGermanyHamburg CTB413:30 h
Germany1Nuremberg1 // 21:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate313:00 h
Germany5Nuremberg5 // 21:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate716:00 h
Germany2Nuremberg2 // 19:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
Germany4Nuremberg4 // 19:00 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate615:00 h
Germany1Ulm1 // 06:00 h1 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III216:00 h
Germany2Ulm3 // 06:00 h2 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III316:00 h
Germany3Ulm3 // 06:00 h3 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III417:00 h
Germany5Ulm3 // 06:00 h5 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III617:00 h
Germany6Ulm5 // 06:00 h6 // 14:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT I-III116:00 h
Germany1Ulm2 // 06:00 h1 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV216:00 h
Germany2Ulm1 // 06:00 h2 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV316:00 h
Germany3Ulm3 // 06:00 h3 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV417:00 h
Germany5Ulm4 // 06:00 h5 // 15:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV617:00 h
Germany6Ulm5 // 06:00 h6 // 14:00 hGermanyBremerhaven CT IV116:00 h
Germany2Ulm5 // 06:00 h2 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate308:00 h
Germany3Ulm1 // 06:00 h3 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate409:00 h
Germany4Ulm2 // 06:00 h4 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate511:00 h
Germany5Ulm5 // 06:00 h5 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg Eurogate610:00 h
Germany1Ulm1 // 06:00 h1 // 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA220:15 h
Germany3Ulm1 // 06:00 h3 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA408:30 h
Germany3Ulm1 // 06:00 h3 // 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA422:15 h
Germany4Ulm2 // 06:00 h4 // 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA113:45 h
Germany6Ulm4 // 06:00 h6 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg CTA714:30 h
Germany1Ulm1 // 06:00 h1// 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB221:30 h
Germany3Ulm1 // 06:00 h3// 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB423:00 h
Germany4Ulm1 // 06:00 h4// 06:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB510:00 h
Germany5Ulm3 // 06:00 h5 // 18:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB617:30 h
Germany6Ulm5 // 06:00 h6 // 06:30 hGermanyHamburg CTB715:30 h
Germany1Ulm1 // 06:00 h1 // 18:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
Germany1Ulm1 // 06:00 h1 // 18:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
Germany3Ulm3 // 06:00 h1 // 18:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
Germany6Ulm5 // 06:00 h6 // 06:30 hGermanyWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 12:00 h1 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC306:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim2 // 12:00 h3 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC506:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim4 // 12:00 h5 // 16:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC106:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 12:00 h1 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta212:30 h
Germany3Kornwestheim2 // 12:00 h3 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta412:30 h
Germany5Kornwestheim4 // 12:00 h5 // 16:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta720:00 h
Germany1Kornwestheim5 // 12:00 h1 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax222:00 h
Germany3Kornwestheim2 // 12:00 h3 // 12:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax420:00 h
Germany5Kornwestheim4 // 12:00 h5 // 16:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax708:00 h
Netherland1Rotterdam RSC5 // 10:00 h7 // 15:00 hGermanyKornwestheim306:00 h
Netherland3Rotterdam RSC1 // 12:00 h2 // 22:00 hGermanyKornwestheim506:00 h
Netherland5Rotterdam RSC3 // 12:00 h4 // 22:00 hGermanyKornwestheim106:00 h
Netherland1Rotterdam ECT Delta5 // 10:00 hGermanyKornwestheim306:00 h
Netherland3Rotterdam ECT Delta1 // 12:00 hGermanyKornwestheim506:00 h
Netherland5Rotterdam ECT Delta3 // 12:00 hGermanyKornwestheim106:00 h
Netherland1Rotterdam Euromax5 // 12:00 hGermanyKornwestheim306:00 h
Netherland3Rotterdam Euromax1 // 12:00 hGermanyKornwestheim506:00 h
Netherland5Rotterdam Euromax3 // 12:00 hGermanyKornwestheim106:00 h
Germany1Munich5 // 12:00 h1 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC306:00 h
Germany3Munich2 // 12:00 h3 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC506:00 h
Germany5Munich4 // 12:00 h5 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam RSC720:00 h
Germany1Munich5 // 12:00 h1 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta322:00 h
Germany3Munich2 // 13:00 h3 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta514:30 h
Germany5Munich4 // 13:00 h5 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam ECT Delta115:30 h
Germany1Munich5 // 13:00 h1 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax312:00 h
Germany3Munich2 // 13:00 h3 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax521:00 h
Germany5Munich4 // 13:00 h5 // 20:00 hNiederlandeRotterdam Euromax106:00 h
Netherland2Rotterdam RSC5 // 10:00 h2 // 20:00 hGermanyMunich406:00 h
Netherland4Rotterdam RSC2 // 12:00 h4 // 20:00 hGermanyMunich606:00 h
Netherland7Rotterdam RSC4 // 12:00 h6 // 20:00 hGermanyMunich206:00 h
Netherland2Rotterdam ECT Delta5 // 10:00 h2 // 04:00 hGermanyMunich306:00 h
Netherland4Rotterdam ECT Delta2 // 12:00 h4 // 01:00 hGermanyMunich606:00 h
Netherland7Rotterdam ECT Delta4 // 12:00 h7 // 08:00 hGermanyMunich206:00 h
Netherland2Rotterdam Euromax5 // 10:00 h2 // 10:00 hGermanyMunich406:00 h
Netherland4Rotterdam Euromax2 // 12:00 h4 // 06:00 hGermanyMunich606:00 h
Netherland7Rotterdam Euromax4 // 12:00 h6 // 10:00 hGermanyMunich206:00 h