+++ Our trains run reliably – including the routes to and from Italy. Without restrictions. Our regular timetables apply. +++ We stay on track(s) for you. Please stay at home for us.

We stay on track(s) for you. Please stay at home for us. #strongsupplychains

With the coronavirus, cross-border freight transport has now become a challenge.

Combined rail traffic is safe. Our trains run reliably and our European intermodal network is fully functional – including the routes to and from Italy.
We have taken preventive action to reduce the risks.

The entire TX Logistik team is totally committed every day to ensuring that the efficiency of your supply chains is preserved.

Do you need capacity or support? If so, just contact us: 02241-1492-225 | booking-intermodal@txlogistik.eu

Hardly any other image could sum up better how we see ourselves: OFFROAD stands for the power and capabilities of rail, an organically grown network and the enthusiasm with which we cross borders together.

With high traction power, logistics expertise and a passion for new departures, we create the connections you need.

Businesses and their destinations are not infrequently separated by thousands of kilometres: Unknown terrain, national borders and
different requirements for the route.

TX is a strong partner in this environment because we have…


...from almost 20 years of experience, enabling the company to "overcome the terrain": in traction and in integrated solutions, end-to-end.

a strong
OFFROAD network

Organically grown connections: Geographically between locations and synergistically between different means of transport and market participants on and along the rails.


... a real innovation in the market, enabling us to close the gap between road and rail. Non-craneable semi-trailers are simply transferred to the rails with NiKRASA.


OFFROAD “clears the dust” off the rails: This transport mode is one of the oldest and at the same time more up to date than ever before.
When you choose the rails, you are choosing: 

  • RESPONSIBILITY. A decision for the rails is a decision for the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS. There are conomic advantages with large volumes and long distances
  • CONSERVATION OF RESOURCES. One driver moves up to 40 units.
  • FLEXIBILITY. You book the capacities you need.
  • SECURITY. Rail is one of the safest ways to transport goods.

Discover your opportunities on the rail. We will boost your success.

Based on our existing, excellent network, we are further expanding our cooperation arrangements with new, strong intermodal partners along the most important corridors. Our aim is to offer you customized end-to-end solutions which make you successful.


OFFROAD is our core business. And yet the connection does not end where the rails end. We link up routes to reach your destinations and bring different modes of transport together in end-to-end solutions.

We regard ourselves as an integrator on the rails: As an operator, we define cost-effective routes. As a traction provider, we put your goods on track:  We drive, you arrive.