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TXLOGISTIK is the employer in the market when it comes to jobs on and along the railways. As one of Europe‘s largest rail freight transport companies, we offer numerous opportunities for you to design your own personal career roadmap.

Join us on the express to success… 


Professional challenge, perspective and security: We combine everything that makes a good job decision. Moreover, we make the first steps easy for you. Simply search for the job that matches your profile and apply directly in our web portal.

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Recruitment Officer

Angelina Schmidt

Dispatchers & Planners, Operations, Customer Service
Junkersring 33, D-53844 Troisdorf, Germany
Recruitment Officer

Ioannis Soulas

Wagon masters, apprentices & trainees
Junkersring 33, D-53844 Troisdorf, Germany
Recruitment Officer

Klaudia Böhm

IT, HR & Finance
Junkersring 33, D-53844 Troisdorf, Germany
Director Human Resources

Corinna Schlender

Junkersring 33, D-53844 Troisdorf, Germany

initiative application

Stimulating jobs with prospects

Many exciting tasks await you ‘along the track’ in the various functions in sales and rail operations, in accounting and in the human resources department.

On the rails, we are regularly looking for locomotive drivers and wagon masters to put our cargoes on track.


First steps into an industry of the future

Set the right course for your future – with an apprenticeship at TXLOGISTIK. The industry needs “architects” for transport systems and the IT infrastructure behind them. We have been successfully training apprentices in these areas for over 15 years.

Management assistant for forwarding and logistics services (m/f)

The efficiency of transport routes can be planned. During the training you will learn to organise freight flows with regard to dispatch, transshipment and storage – especially with the aid of rail as a mode of transport.

IT specialist for system integration (m/f)

Information and communication are the first levers in the success of logistics. Get to know the various IT requirements and translate them into technical solutions.

Between theory and practice

Preparing yourself in the best possible way for the job market and the special requirements of our industry – that is important to us. The integrated degree course combines studies at the EUFH Brühl / Neuss with work experience in our company.

General management

How do we put fresh food on our shelves every day? And send the articles from online shops to our homes? Logistics provides answers to questions like these – the heart of every economy. As a logistics manager, you have everything you need to plan an optimum supply chain and coordinate processes so that goods reach their destination.

Business Information Systems

The Business Information Systems course makes you a specialist in management and computer science. The course provides you with crucial content in the fields of economics, marketing and, above all, IT. In the company you will acquire the knowledge of Supply Chain Management to develop programs that map and support logistical processes according to your needs.


As applicant sometimes one would like to look into the future… what and whom might be expected in the company? Get a picture it yourself. Whenever it is important to feel the TX spirit, the scenes in the following film will work quite similar to a glace in the crystal ball.

For all applicants

A glimpse inside the company

TXLOGISTIK brings Europe closer: As a specialist in rail logistics, we have been transporting goods across borders since 1999.

We show you in moving pictures what moves TXLOGISTIK…


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For apprentice + dual students

A special start

There are many good reasons for training or completing an integrated degree course:

  • Employment option for a secure and permanent job
  • Career and promotion opportunities with national and international prospects
  • Flat hierarchies, short decision paths


But the greatest motivation is to be “part of something special”:

Part of Team X.

See for yourself…

For train drivers and waggon inspectors

The freedom of the railways

“Driving into the sunrise is just great.” This is one of the ways our drivers describe what makes their job special.

We have captured moments like these for you in the film, so that you get an idea of the feeling that sets in when travelling on the rails.

TX moments for which there are no words. See for yourself…


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