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In all the films from the company, one thing becomes clear: We share a special passion.

A glimpse inside the company

TXLOGISTIK brings Europe closer: As a specialist in rail logistics, we have been transporting goods across borders since 1999.

We show you in moving pictures what moves TXLOGISTIK…      

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The freedom of the railways

“Driving into the sunrise is just great.” This is one of the ways our drivers describe what makes their job special.

We have captured moments like these for you in the film, so that you get an idea of the feeling that sets in when travelling on the rails.

TX moments for which there are no words. See for yourself…

A special start

There are many good reasons for training or completing an integrated degree course:

  • Employment option for a secure and permanent job
  • Career and promotion opportunities with national and international prospects
  • Flat hierarchies, short decision paths

But the greatest motivation is to be “part of something special”:

Part of Team X.

See for yourself…

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With NiKRASA, non craneable semi-trailers become craneable. The system excels above all by ease of operation and dispensing with additional resources. “Come as you are” is the motto.

See for yourself. In classical films and in virtual reality. We will take you right into the terminal in a 360° perspective. A special way to discover NiKRASA (for yourself).