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Ocean Rail Logistics

In seaport hinterland transport, too, we are optimally positioned to carry your freight rapidly and safely to its destination. In the form of TXCARGOSTAR, we have succeeded in establishing an integrated train system that enables you as a customer to plan your cargo quantities flexibly and book your containers direct as fixed capacity on individual trains for plannable quantities.

We supply the service for the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven with the specially established production platform boxXpress. As part of an integrated supply chain, we also offer you the corresponding delivery services to and from all domestic terminals by truck as standard

240,000TEUs per year


  • Central control of the system in the European Control Center
  • Real-time monitoring of trains using state-of-the-art IT systems
  • Constant information in the event of deviations and early notifications through customer-oriented scheduling, which is connected as a cross-cutting function between the customer, terminals and production.
  • Customer-oriented Schedules (synchronized with the logistics requirements of industry)

TXCARGOSTAR stands for our European scheduled services for continental and maritime connections. You book your units flexibly onto existing services.

Maritime traffic


This network map gives you a detailed overview of the opportunities for your maritime traffic. Select your starting point and click to receive information on possible connections.


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