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We are pleased that you have found your TX connection. On this page, you will find all the information you need for your further planning: the terminal data, and downloads of the individual Schedule and terminal conditions. Should you have any questions, our disposition staff will be pleased to assist – as with registering a firm booking. We are looking forward to taking you to your destination.




    TX Logistik A/S
    Istedvej 11
    6330 Padborg

    Terminal Conditions


    Mo. 01:00 am -10:00 pm
    Di. 06:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Mi. 06:00 am - 24:00
    Do. 00:00 - 06:00 pm
    Fr. 02:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Sa. 06:00 am - 10:00 pm
    So. closed


    Tel: +45 (0)73 670 626
    Fax: +45 (0)73 670 629




    Interporto Quadrante Europa Verona
    Via Sommacampagna, 6
    37137 Verona

    Terminal Conditions


    Mo. - Fr. 04:00 am - 24:00
    Sa. 04:00 am - 11:30 am
    So. closed


    Tel: +39 045 8624 431




    Customer Service Kontinentale Verkehre
    Customer Service Continental Transports
    +45 (0) 736706 31

  1. Timetable

  2. General Terms and Conditions Padborg

  3. Almindelige Forretningsbetingelser Terminal Padborg

  1. General Terms and Conditions Padborg

  2. Price Sheet Terminal Padborg 2018 (EN)

  3. Price Sheet Terminal Padborg 2018 (DK)

  4. Price Sheet Terminal Padborg 2019 (DK)

Day of Loading


Day of Arrival


1Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hKornwestheim206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hKornwestheim306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hKornwestheim406:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hKornwestheim506:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMannheim306:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMannheim506:00 h
6Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMannheim106:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMunich213:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMunich313:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMunich413:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hMunich613:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hNuremberg216:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hNuremberg316:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hNuremberg416:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hNuremberg612:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hNuremberg106:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hUlm207:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hUlm507:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III18:00 hUlm613:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hKornwestheim206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hKornwestheim306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hKornwestheim406:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hKornwestheim506:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMannheim306:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMannheim506:00 h
6Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMannheim106:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMunich213:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMunich313:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMunich413:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hMunich613:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hNuremberg216:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hNuremberg316:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hNuremberg416:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hNuremberg612:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hNuremberg106:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hUlm207:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hUlm407:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV18:00 hUlm613:00 h
2Budapest19:30 hHerne406:00 hC70/P400
4Budapest19:30 hHerne606:00 hC70/P400
6Budapest17:00 hHerne106:00 hC70/P400
1Busto21:00 hDuisburg305:30 hC50/P380
2Busto21:00 hDuisburg405:30 hC50/P380
3Busto21:00 hDuisburg505:30 hC50/P380
4Busto21:00 hDuisburg605:30 hC50/P380
5Busto21:00 hDuisburg105:30 hC50/P380
1Cologne Eifeltor23:00 hVerona304:00 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor00:00 hVerona310:30 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor00:00 hVerona410:30 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor23:00 hVerona504:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor23:00 hVerona604:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor14:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor23:00 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Eifeltor00:00 hVerona110:30 hC70/P400
6Cologne Eifeltor13:30 hVerona117:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Eifeltor13:30 hVerona210:30 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor23:00 hVerona 404:00 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor14:30 hVerona 420:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor00:00 hVerona 510:30 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor14:30 hVerona 520:00 hC70/P400
2Cologne Niehl19:00 hCurtici 501:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Niehl19:00 hCurtici 701:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Niehl12:00 hCurtici 201:00 hC70/P400
3Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl507:00 hC70/P400
5Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
7Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl207:00 hC70/P400
1Duisburg23:00 hBusto304:00 hC50/P380
2Duisburg23:00 hBusto404:00 hC50/P380
3Duisburg23:00 hBusto504:00 hC50/P380
4Duisburg23:00 hBusto604:00 hC50/P380
5Duisburg23:00 hBusto104:00 hC50/P380
1Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo207:00 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo307:00 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo407:00 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo507:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo607:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:45 hMalmo116:00 hC70/P400
1Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg208:00 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg308:00 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg408:00 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg508:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg608:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:45 hTrelleborg117:00 hC70/P400
2Frankfurt2 // 16:15 hHamburg CTA318:15 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:15 hHamburg CTA516:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA118:00 h
2Frankfurt2 // 16:15 hHamburg CTB317:30 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:15 hHamburg CTB517:30 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB117:30 h
2Frankfurt2 // 16:15 hHamburg Eurogate314:30 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:15 hHamburg Eurogate518:30 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg Eurogate118:30 h
1Hall20:00 hHerne305:30 hC70/P400
2Hall20:00 hHerne405:30 hC70/P400
3Hall20:00 hHerne505:30 hC70/P400
4Hall20:00 hHerne605:30 hC70/P400
5Hall20:00 hHerne104:00 hC70/P400
6Hall12:00 hHerne205:30 hC70/P400
1Hall20:30 hKassel222:45 hC70/P400
2Hall20:30 hKassel322:45 hC70/P400
3Hall20:30 hKassel422:45 hC70/P400
4Hall20:30 hKassel522:45 hC70/P400
5Hall20:30 hKassel122:45 hC70/P400
1Hamburg CTA18:00 hFrankfurt210:00 h
3Hamburg CTA18:00 hFrankfurt410:00 h
5Hamburg CTA18:00 hFrankfurt610:00 h
1Hamburg CTA18:00 hKornwestheim211:00 h
2Hamburg CTA18:00 hKornwestheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTA18:00 hKornwestheim511:00 h
5Hamburg CTA18:00 hKornwestheim613:00 h
2Hamburg CTA18:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTA18:00 hMannheim514:00 h
6Hamburg CTA18:00 hMannheim114:00 h
1Hamburg CTA18:00 hMunich211:00 h
3Hamburg CTA18:00 hMunich416:00 h
5Hamburg CTA18:00 hMunich607:00 h
7Hamburg CTA18:00 hMunich112:00 h
1Hamburg CTA18:00 hNuremberg206:00 h
3Hamburg CTA18:00 hNuremberg406:00 h
5Hamburg CTA18:00 hNuremberg612:30 h
2Hamburg CTA18:00 hUlm312:30 h
3Hamburg CTA18:00 hUlm413:00 h
4Hamburg CTA18:00 hUlm512:30 h
7Hamburg CTA18:00 hUlm112:30 h
1Hamburg CTB18:00 hFrankfurt213:00 h
3Hamburg CTB18:00 hFrankfurt413:00 h
5Hamburg CTB18:00 hFrankfurt613:00 h
3Hamburg CTB18:00 hKornwestheim406:00 h
5Hamburg CTB18:00 hKornwestheim607:00 h
7Hamburg CTB18:00 hKornwestheim113:00 h
2Hamburg CTB18:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTB18:00 hMannheim514:00 h
6Hamburg CTB18:00 hMannheim114:00 h
1Hamburg CTB18:00 hMunich206:30 h
3Hamburg CTB18:00 hMunich406:30 h
4Hamburg CTB18:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Hamburg CTB18:00 hMunich608:00 h
7Hamburg CTB18:00 hMunich107:30 h
1Hamburg CTB18:00 hNuremberg211:00 h
2Hamburg CTB18:00 hNuremberg311:00 h
3Hamburg CTB18:00 hNuremberg411:00 h
5Hamburg CTB18:00 hNuremberg610:30 h
1Hamburg CTB18:00 hUlm210:30 h
2Hamburg CTB18:00 hUlm309:00 h
3Hamburg CTB18:00 hUlm410:30 h
5Hamburg CTB18:00 hUlm609:00 h
1Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hFrankfurt210:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hFrankfurt410:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hFrankfurt610:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hKornwestheim316:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hKornwestheim516:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hKornwestheim206:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMannheim514:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMannheim114:00 h
1Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMunich206:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMunich608:00 h
7Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hMunich108:30 h
1Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hNuremberg211:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hNuremberg311:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hNuremberg411:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hNuremberg610:30 h
2Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hUlm309:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hUlm510:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate18:00 hUlm106:30 h
1Hanover20:15 hVerona304:00 hC70/P400
2Hanover20:15 hVerona404:00 hC70/P400
3Hanover20:15 hVerona504:00 hC70/P400
4Hanover20:15 hVerona605:00 hC70/P400
5Hanover20:15 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
2Herne19:30 hBudapest407:00 hC70/P400
4Herne19:30 hBudapest607:00 hC70/P400
6Herne09:30 hBudapest107:00 hC70/P400
1Herne17:30 hHall306:00 hC70/P400
2Herne17:30 hHall406:00 hC70/P400
3Herne17:30 hHall506:00 hC70/P400
4Herne17:30 hHall606:00 hC70/P400
5Herne17:30 hHall106:00 hC70/P400
6Herne13:00 hHall206:00 hC70/P400
1Herne17:30 hVerona305:00 hC70/P400
2Herne17:30 hVerona405:00 hC70/P400
3Herne17:30 hVerona505:00 hC70/P400
4Herne17:30 hVerona605:00 hC70/P400
5Herne17:30 hVerona105:00 hC70/P400
6Herne13:00 hVerona205:00 hC70/P400
1Herne21:30 hVienna302:00 hC70/P400
2Herne01:00 hVienna307:00 hC70/P400
2Herne21:30 hVienna402:00 hC70/P400
3Herne01:00 hVienna407:00 hC70/P400
3Herne21:30 hVienna502:00 hC70/P400
4Herne01:00 hVienna507:00 hC70/P400
4Herne21:30 hVienna602:00 hC70/P400
5Herne17:00 hVienna100:00 hC70/P400
5Herne23:30 hVienna102:00 hC70/P400
6Herne13:00 hVienna111:00 hC70/P400
2Kassel03:00 hHall219:30 hC70/P400
3Kassel03:00 hHall319:30 hC70/P400
4Kassel03:00 hHall419:30 hC70/P400
5Kassel03:00 hHall519:30 hC70/P400
6Kassel03:00 hHall719:30 hC70/P400
2Kassel03:00 hVerona304:00 hC70/P400
3Kassel03:00 hVerona404:00 hC70/P400
4Kassel03:00 hVerona504:00 hC70/P400
5Kassel03:00 hVerona605:00 hC70/P400
6Kassel03:00 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III210:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III310:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III410:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III510:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III102:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT IV210:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT IV310:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT IV410:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 09:15 hBremerhaven CT IV510:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 12:00 hBremerhaven CT IV102:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA317:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA416:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA717:00 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA616:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 13:00 hHamburg CTB308:30 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 13:00 hHamburg CTB508:30 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB713:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate220:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate420:30 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate620:00 h
1Leipzig20:30 hVerona305:00 hC70/P400
3Leipzig20:30 hVerona505:00 hC70/P400
5Leipzig20:30 hVerona105:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig11:00 hVerona205:00 hC70/P400
1Lubeck BRG18:30 hVerona306:00 hC70/P400
2Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona404:30 hC70/P400
3Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona504:30 hC70/P400
4Lubeck BRG17:30 hVerona605:00 hC70/P400
4Lubeck BRG22:00 hVerona606:00 hC70/P400
5Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona104:30 hC70/P400
6Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona104:30 hC70/P400
7Lubeck BRG13:00 hVerona205:00 hC70/P400
4Lubeck CTL16:30 hVerona605:00 h C70/P400
7Lubeck CTL12:30 hVerona205:00 h C70/P400
1Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
7Malmo12:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
7Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
1Mannheim5// 17:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III203:00 h
3Mannheim2// 17:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III403:00 h
5Mannheim4// 17:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III607:00 h
1Mannheim5 // 17:45 hBremerhaven CT IV203:00 h
3Mannheim2 // 17:45 hBremerhaven CT IV403:00 h
5Mannheim4 // 17:45 hBremerhaven CT IV 604:00 h
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg CTA221:30 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg CTA421:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 17:45 hHamburg CTA621:00 h
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB218:05 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB414:30 h
5Mannheim5 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB613:10 h
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate213:50 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate413:50 h
5Mannheim5 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate613:50 h
1Melzo21:30 hVenlo305:30 hC52/P382
2Melzo21:30 hVenlo405:30 hC52/P382
3Melzo21:30 hVenlo505:30 hC52/P382
4Melzo21:30 hVenlo605:30 hC52/P382
5Melzo21:30 hVenlo105:30 hC52/P382
1Munich1 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III218:00 h
2Munich2 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III317:00 h
3Munich3 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III418:00 h
4Munich4 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III518:00 h
5Munich5 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III622:00 h
1Munich1 // 07:30 hBremerhaven CT IV218:00 h
2Munich2 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV317:00 h
3Munich3 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV418:00 h
4Munich4 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV518:00 h
4Munich5 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV622:00 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA216:30 h
2Munich2 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA317:30 h
4Munich4 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA517:30 h
6Munich6 // 12:00 hHamburg CTA713:00 h
1Munich1 // 15:30 hHamburg CTB216:30 h
2Munich2 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB308:30 h
4Munich4 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB508:30 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB116:30 h
6Munich6 // 13:00 hHamburg CTB108:30 h
1Munich1 // 15:30 hHamburg Eurogate218:30 h
2Munich2 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate312:30 h
4Munich4 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate513:00 h
5Munich5 // 02:00 hHamburg Eurogate118:00 h
6Munich6 // 13:00 hHamburg Eurogate113:00 h
1Munich18:00 hRotterdam RSC306:00 h
3Munich18:00 hRotterdam RSC506:00 h
5Munich18:00 hRotterdam RSC106:00 h
1Nuremberg1// 18:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III215:00 h
2Nuremberg2// 20:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III315:00 h
3Nuremberg3// 20:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III415:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 20:45 hBremerhaven CT I-III515:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III119:00 h
1Nuremberg1 // 18:00 hBremerhaven CT IV215:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 20:45 hBremerhaven CT IV315:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 20:45 hBremerhaven CT IV415:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 20:45 hBremerhaven CT IV515:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV119:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 08:30 hHamburg CTA308:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 10:30 hHamburg CTA520:15 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg CTA115:15 h
2Nuremberg2 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB314:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB414:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB514:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg CTB708:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate317:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate416:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate518:30 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg Eurogate711:00 h
2Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam APM2306:00 h
2Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta45 // 12:00 h
4Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta66 // 21:00 h
6Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta23 // 06:00 h
2Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam Euromax45 // 12:00 h
4Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam Euromax66 // 21:00 h
6Nuremberg18:00 hRotterdam Euromax23 // 06:00 h
1Padborg20:30 hVerona305:00 hC70/P400
2Padborg20:00 hVerona405:00 hC70/P400
3Padborg20:30 hVerona505:00 hC70/P400
5Padborg18:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
6Padborg16:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
1Rostock06:30 hVerona212:30 hC70/P400
2Rostock06:30 hVerona312:30 hC70/P400
3Rostock06:00 hVerona412:30 hC70/P400
4Rostock06:00 hVerona512:30 hC70/P400
7Rostock18:00 hVerona205:00 hC70/P400
1Rotterdam APM26 // 21:00 hNuremberg306:00 h
3Rotterdam APM22 // 21:00 hNuremberg506:00 h
1Rotterdam ECT Delta6 // 21:00 hNuremberg306:00 h
3Rotterdam ECT Delta2 // 21:00 hNuremberg506:00 h
5Rotterdam ECT Delta5 // 13:00 hNuremberg106:00 h
1Rotterdam Euromax6 // 21:00 hNuremberg306:00 h
3Rotterdam Euromax2 // 21:00 hNuremberg506:00 h
5Rotterdam Euromax5 // 13:00 hNuremberg106:00 h
2Rotterdam RSC21:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Rotterdam RSC21:00 hMunich606:00 h
6Rotterdam RSC21:00 hMunich206:00 h
1Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg12:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
2Ulm2 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III314:00 h
4Ulm4 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III510:00 h
6Ulm6 // 12:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III106:00 h
2Ulm2 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV314:00 h
4Ulm4 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV510:00 h
6Ulm6 // 12:00 hBremerhaven CT IV106:00 h
1Ulm1 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA214:00 h
3Ulm3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA414:00 h
4Ulm4 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA515:30 h
6Ulm5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA107:30 h
2Ulm2// 16:30 hHamburg CTB312:00 h
4Ulm4 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB511:30 h
6Ulm5 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB109:00 h
1Ulm1 // 11:30 hHamburg Eurogate213:00 h
3Ulm3 // 11:45 hHamburg Eurogate414:00 h
5Ulm5 // 19:15 hHamburg Eurogate616:30 h
1Venlo22:30 hMelzo305:00 hC52/P382
2Venlo22:30 hMelzo405:00 hC52/P382
3Venlo22:30 hMelzo505:00 hC52/P382
4Venlo22:30 hMelzo606:00 hC52/P382
5Venlo22:30 hMelzo105:00 hC52/P382
1Verona16:00 hCologne Eifeltor 219:00 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 303:00 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 309:00 hC70/P400
2Verona16:00 hCologne Eifeltor 319:00 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 403:00 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 409:00 hC70/P400
3Verona16:00 hCologne Eifeltor 419:00 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 507:30 hC70/P400
4Verona16:00 hCologne Eifeltor 519:00 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 603:00 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 609:00 hC70/P400
5Verona16:00 hCologne Eifeltor 103:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:00 hCologne Eifeltor 109:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:00 hCologne Eifeltor 203:00 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hHanover306:00 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hHanover406:00 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hHanover506:00 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hHanover608:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hHanover206:00 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hHerne305:30 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hHerne405:30 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hHerne505:30 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hHerne605:30 hC70/P400
5Verona23:00 hHerne104:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hHerne205:30 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hKassel222:45 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hKassel322:45 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hKassel422:45 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hKassel522:45 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hKassel122:45 hC70/P400
1Verona19:30 hLeipzig305:00 hC70/P400
2Verona19:30 hLeipzig405:00 hC70/P400
4Verona19:30 hLeipzig605:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hLeipzig105:00 hC70/P400
1Verona19:00 hLubeck BRG308:00 hC70/P400
2Verona19:00 hLubeck BRG408:00 hC70/P400
3Verona10:00 hLubeck BRG412:00 h C70/P400
3Verona21:30 hLubeck BRG508:00 hC70/P400
4Verona21:30 hLubeck BRG608:00 hC70/P400
5Verona19:00 hLubeck BRG708:00 hC70/P400
5Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG708:30 h C70/P400
6Verona11:30 hLubeck BRG108:00 hC70/P400
3Verona10:00 hLubeck CTL414:00 h C70/P400
5Verona23:00 hLubeck CTL707:30 h C70/P400
2Verona17:30 hPadborg402:00 hC70/P400
3Verona21:00 hPadborg505:00 hC70/P400
5Verona17:00 hPadborg622:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg101:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg107:00 hC70/P400
1Verona16:30 hRostock220:00 hC70/P400
2Verona16:30 hRostock320:00 hC70/P400
4Verona09:00 hRostock517:00 hC70/P400
5Verona09:00 hRostock617:00 hC70/P400
6Verona07:00 hRostock717:00 hC70/P400
1Vienna22:00 hHerne304:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna03:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna22:00 hHerne404:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna03:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna22:00 hHerne504:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna03:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna22:00 hHerne604:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna03:00 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna22:00 hHerne104:00 hC70/P400
6Vienna12:00 hHerne107:00 hC70/P400