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Your semitrailer can’t be lifted by crane? With NiKRASA, it can be handled simply and rapidly. We call the system OFFROADER, as it takes you from the road onto the rails.

of all semi-trailers
are non-craneable
1 %

As a result, once you had decided to use road haulage, you were bound to that means of transport even when a change to the rails would have had great commercial advantages.

New flexibility is provided by NiKRASA. Non-craneable semi-trailers become craneable.

Non-craneable semi-trailers become craneable

NiKRASA makes it easy for you. Trailers which up to now could not be loaded on trains are now simply moved from the road onto the rails.


The truck drives onto the terminal platform and sets the trailer down at the centre.

The trailer, on the NiKRASA transport platform, is then lifted by a gantry crane or reach stacker.

...onto a pocket wagon.
The terminal platform remains at the loading point, while the transport platform goes with the semitrailer on its journey by rail.

In that way, the trailer can then be directly unloaded viceversa from the train onto a truck at the destination terminal.

The great advantage of NiKRASA is that is requires no change in the processes and equipment used. The system is compatible with the usual standards on the market, and can be used very flexibly and simply.


With NiKRASA, we make the transition from the road to the rails easy.
You benefit in the following ways:



You tell us your requirement, we will schedule NiKRASA for you. And all this at excellent conditions:
The transport with NiKRASA costs little more than a “simple train ride”.

Padborg - Verona

Herne - Verona

Bettembourg - Triest

We currently deploy just under 100 transport platforms. Each year, we have already transported around 4,000 trailers between Padborg and Verona, Herne and Verona, Herne and Budapest, and Bettembourg and Trieste.

Let us talk about your opportunities on existing and potentially new routes.


It was important to us to take account of the practical requirements of loaders, forwarding agents and terminal operators in equal measure in the development of the system. We have formed a heterogeneous team to consider all interests. As a result, a wide range of strengths and expertise were contributed to the development.

We, as TX, contribute the interests of the railways, such as functionality and interoperability, and are your contact in a one stop shop.

The bayernhafen group represents terminals as intermodal hubs and interfaces.

Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum Prien (LKZ Prien GmbH) is a partner in practice and also the interface for linking of the individual parties involved in the logistics chain, contributing its expertise in the area of handling and conveying systems.


The system excels above all by ease of operation and dispensing with additional resources. “Come as you are” is the motto.

See for yourself. In classical films and in virtual reality. We will take you right into the terminal in a 360° perspective. A special way to discover NiKRASA (for yourself).


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NiKRASA in Virtual Reality


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