TX Logistik renews safety certificates in Switzerland, Austria and Italy

November 3, 2020

Troisdorf, 03 November 2020 – TX Logistik AG (TXL) has received a renewed safety certificate from the Swiss Federal Office of Transport. The renewal of the safety certification in Austria and Italy had already taken place beforehand. All these certificates are valid for the next 5 years, i.e. until 2025. The certificates confirm that the company complies with all applicable requirements for safe railway operation in Europe as covered by its Safety Management System.

“Safety is our top priority,” emphasizes Gian Paolo Gotelli, CEO of TX Logistik. “We therefore see this renewal as a confirmation of the expertise and high level of professionalism of our employees,” as Albert Bastius, COO of the company, underlines.

The three safety certificates underline the importance of both the Italian market and the two corridors for the rail logistics company. The renewal of the safety certificate in Switzerland is also an important requirement for future traffic along the Swiss corridor. TXL sees potential for growth there, not least through infrastructure improvements. The new terminals being built by Mercitalia in northern Italy are also contributing to this.

“Our European network with services on the North-South routes between Scandinavia and Italy and on the West-East corridor to Hungary and Romania has become even stronger and safer,” underlines Gian Paolo Gotelli, “and we are looking forward to further development opportunities supported by our significant investment plan.”