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  1. Terminal Information Venlo

    ECT Delta Terminal
    Celsiusweg 30
    5928 PR Venlo

    +31 77 324 19 61

    Opening Hours

    Mo: 05:00 am - 00:00
    Tu - Fr: 24 h
    Sa: 00:00 - 07:00 am

The European Rail Company

Schedule Venlo

Day of Loading
Day of Arrival
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hFrankfurt DUSS406:00 h
7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hFrankfurt DUSS108:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg406:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg607:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg106:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim407:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim506:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm207:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm407:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm613:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich213:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich313:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich413:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich610:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hFrankfurt DUSS406:00 h
7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hFrankfurt DUSS108:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg406:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg607:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg106:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim206:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim306:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim406:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim507:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm207:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm407:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm613:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich213:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich313:00 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich413:00 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich513:00 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich610:00 h
1Budapest19:30 hHerne308:00 hC70/P400
2Budapest19:30 hHerne408:00 hC70/P400
3Budapest19:30 hHerne508:00 hC70/P400
4Budapest19:30 hHerne608:00 hC70/P400
5Budapest19:30 hHerne106:00 hC70/P400
6Budapest17:00 hHerne208:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor00:30 hVerona204:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor09:00 hVerona211:30 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona 304:00 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona311:30 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona 404:00 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona411:30 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona 504:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona 511:30 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona604:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 401:00 hC70/P400
2Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 501:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 701:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 101:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Niehl12:00 hCurtici 201:00 hC70/P400
1Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl307:00 hC70/P400
2Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl407:00 hC70/P400
4Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl609:00 hC70/P400
5Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
7Curtici02:00 hCologne Niehl207:00 hC70/P400
1Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo207:00 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo307:00 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo407:00 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo507:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo607:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo116:00 hC70/P400
6Eskilstuna12:00 hMalmo710:00 hC70/P400
1Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg208:00 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg308:00 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg408:00 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg508:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg608:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg117:00 hC70/P400
6Eskilstuna12:00 hTrelleborg711:00 hC70/P400
1Frankfurt1 // 17:00 hHamburg Eurogate218:00 h
3Frankfurt3 // 17:00 hHamburg Eurogate419:00 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:30 hHamburg Eurogate515:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg Eurogate714:00 h
1Frankfurt1 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA218:00 h
3Frankfurt3 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA419:00 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:15 hHamburg CTA515:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA714:00 h
1Frankfurt1 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB218:00 h
3Frankfurt3 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB419:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 17:00 hHamburg CTB714:00 h
1Hall20:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Hall20:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Hall20:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Hall20:00 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Hall20:00 hHerne107:00 hC70/P400
6Hall12:00 hHerne207:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne EifeltorDecember 29, 1900Hall206:00 hPC70/400
2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall406:00 hPC70/400
3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall506:00 hPC70/400
4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall606:00 hPC70/400
5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall106:00 hPC70/400
1Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor217:30 hPC70/400
2Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor317:30 hPC70/400
3Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor417:30 hPC70/400
4Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor517:30 hPC70/400
5Hall10:30 hCologne Eifeltor610:30 hPC70/400
7Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt1January 9, 1900
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt315:00 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt413:00 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt610:00 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hMannheim514:00 h
1Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg206:00 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg406:00 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg612:30 h
1Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim211:00 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim511:00 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim611:30 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm313:00 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm413:00 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm513:00 h
6Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm107:00 h
1Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich211:00 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich415:00 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich608:00 h
7Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich112:00 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hFrankfurt113:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hFrankfurt315:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim514:00 h
6Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim109:00 h
1Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg211:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg313:00 h
3Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg413:00 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg610:30 h
3Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim406:00 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim607:00 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim113:00 h
1Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm211:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm309:00 h
3Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm410:30 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm610:00 h
1Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich208:00 h
3Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich408:00 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich517:00 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich608:00 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich111:00 h
7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt113:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt315:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt413:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt610:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim314:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim514:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim109:00 h
1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg211:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg313:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg413:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg610:30 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim316:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim514:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim206:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm311:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm511:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm106:30 h
1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich208:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich408:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich517:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich610:00 h
7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich111:00 h
1Herne18:00 hHall2February 4, 1900C70/P400
2Herne18:00 hHall3February 4, 1900C70/P400
3Herne18:00 hHall4February 4, 1900C70/P400
4Herne18:00 hHall5February 4, 1900C70/P400
5Herne18:00 hHall106:00 hC70/P400
6Herne12:00 hHall1February 4, 1900C70/P400
1Herne18:00 hVerona304:00 hC70/P400
2Herne18:00 hVerona404:00 hC70/P400
3Herne18:00 hVerona504:00 hC70/P400
4Herne18:00 hVerona604:00 hC70/P400
5Herne18:00 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
6Herne12:00 hVerona204:00 hC70/P400
1Herne19:30 hBudapest307:00 hC70/P400
2Herne19:30 hBudapest407:00 hC70/P400
3Herne19:30 hBudapest507:00 hC70/P400
4Herne19:30 hBudapest607:00 hC70/P400
5Herne19:30 hBudapest107:00 hC70/P400
6Herne09:30 hBudapest207:00 hC70/P400
1Herne21:30 hVienna302:00 hC70/P400
2Herne01:00 hVienna307:00 hC70/P400
2Herne21:30 hVienna402:00 hC70/P400
3Herne01:00 hVienna407:00 hC70/P400
3Herne21:30 hVienna502:00 hC70/P400
4Herne01:00 hVienna507:00 hC70/P400
4Herne21:30 hVienna602:00 hC70/P400
5Herne17:00 hVienna100:00 hC70/P400
5Herne23:30 hVienna102:00 hC70/P400
6Herne13:00 hVienna111:00 hC70/P400
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III210:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III312:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III418:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III512:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III104:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT IV210:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT IV312:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT IV418:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 09:00 hBremerhaven CT IV512:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV104:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate222:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate420:30 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 19:45 hHamburg Eurogate622:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 17:00 hHamburg CTA316:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA417:30 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA718:30 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 17:30 hHamburg CTA119:30 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 13:00 hHamburg CTB312:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 13:00 hHamburg CTB513:00 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB718:30 h
1Leipzig19:30 hSona306:00 hC70/P400
3Leipzig19:30 hSona506:00 hC70/P400
5Leipzig19:30 hSona106:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig11:00 hSona206:00 hC70/P400
1Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona306:00 hC70/P400
2Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona406:00 hC70/P400
3Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona506:00 hC70/P400
4Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona606:00 hC70/P400
5Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona106:00 hC70/P400
6Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
1Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
5Malmo18:00 hEskilstuna609:00 hC70/P400
7Malmo12:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
7Malmo21:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate221:30 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate422:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 17:45 hHamburg Eurogate619:00 h
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg CTA220:15 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg CTA421:45 h
1Mannheim1 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB221:30 h
3Mannheim3 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB422:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 17:45 hHamburg CTB621:45 h
1Munich1 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III2February 4, 1900
2Munich2 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III322:00 h
3Munich3 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III423:30 h
4Munich4 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III523:30 h
5Munich5 // 18:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III623:30 h
1Munich1 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT IV222:00 h
2Munich2 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT IV322:00 h
3Munich3 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT IV423:30 h
4Munich4 // 17:00 hBremerhaven CT IV523:30 h
4Munich5 // 18:00 hBremerhaven CT IV623:30 h
1Munich1 // 15:30 hHamburg Eurogate219:00 h
2Munich2 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate313:00 h
4Munich4 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate513:00 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hHamburg Eurogate118:30 h
6Munich6 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate113:30 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA216:30 h
2Munich2 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA322:15 h
4Munich4 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA520:15 h
6Munich6 // 12:00 hHamburg CTA718:00 h
1Munich1 // 18:30 hHamburg CTB218:30 h
2Munich2 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB312:35 h
4Munich4 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB512:35 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB117:10 h
6Munich6 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB112:55 h
2Frankfurt DUSS1 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III309:00 h
4Frankfurt DUSS4 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III408:00 h
1Nuremberg6// 11:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III208:00 h
2Nuremberg2// 05:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III309:00 h
3Nuremberg3// 07:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III409:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 07:15 hBremerhaven CT I-III510:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III101:00 h
2Frankfurt DUSS1 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT IV309:00 h
4Frankfurt DUSS4 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV408:00 h
1Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hBremerhaven CT IV208:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 05:30 hBremerhaven CT IV309:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 07:15 hBremerhaven CT IV409:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 07:15 hBremerhaven CT IV510:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV101:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate317:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate417:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate518:30 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg Eurogate718:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 10:00 hHamburg CTA307:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 10:00 hHamburg CTA511:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg CTA114:30 h
2Nuremberg2 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB317:30 h
3Nuremberg3 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB416:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB517:30 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg CTB714:30 h
1Padborg04:00 hVerona212:00 hC70/P400
1Padborg20:30 hVerona304:30 hC70/P400
2Padborg20:30 hVerona405:00 hC70/P400
3Padborg20:30 hVerona505:00 hC70/P400
5Padborg18:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
6Padborg16:30 hVerona104:00 hC70/P400
1Rostock06:00 hVerona213:30 hC70/P400
3Rostock06:00 hVerona413:30 hC70/P400
4Rostock06:00 hVerona513:30 hC70/P400
7Rostock17:30 hVerona204:00 hC70/P400
1Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
5Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna609:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg12:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg19:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
2Ulm2 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III317:00 h
4Ulm4 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III523:30 h
6Ulm6 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III110:00 h
2Ulm2 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV317:00 h
4Ulm4 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV523:30 h
6Ulm6 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV110:00 h
1Ulm1 // 11:30 hHamburg Eurogate214:00 h
3Ulm3 // 14:00 hHamburg Eurogate414:00 h
5Ulm5 // 18:15 hHamburg Eurogate618:00 h
1Ulm1 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA222:00 h
3Ulm3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA420:30 h
4Ulm4 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA518:15 h
6Ulm5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA111:15 h
2Ulm2// 16:30 hHamburg CTB314:30 h
4Ulm4 // 18:30 hHamburg CTB515:50 h
6Ulm6 // 14:00 hHamburg CTB114:30 h
1Verona23:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Verona23:00 hHerne107:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hHerne207:00 hC70/P400
1Sona20:00 hLeipzig305:00 hC70/P400
2Sona20:00 hLeipzig405:00 hC70/P400
4Sona20:00 hLeipzig605:00 hC70/P400
6Sona12:00 hLeipzig105:00 hC70/P400
1Verona15:30 hCologne Eifeltor 217:30 hC70/P400
2Verona00:00 hCologne Eifeltor 301:30 hC70/P400
2Verona15:30 hCologne Eifeltor 317:30 hC70/P400
3Verona00:00 hCologne Eifeltor 401:30 hC70/P400
3Verona15:30 hCologne Eifeltor 417:30 hC70/P400
4Verona00:00 hCologne Eifeltor 501:30 hC70/P400
4Verona15:30 hCologne Eifeltor 517:30 hC70/P400
5Verona00:00 hCologne Eifeltor 601:30 hC70/P400
5Verona00:00 hCologne Eifeltor 610:30 hC70/P400
5Verona23:00 hCologne Eifeltor 106:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hCologne Eifeltor 117:30 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hCologne Eifeltor 201:30 hC70/P400
1Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG308:00 hC70/P400
2Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG408:00 hC70/P400
3Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG508:00 hC70/P400
4Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG608:00 hC70/P400
5Verona23:00 hLubeck BRG708:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hLubeck BRG108:00 hC70/P400
1Verona16:30 hRostock220:00 hC70/P400
2Verona16:30 hRostock320:00 hC70/P400
5Verona10:00 hRostock617:00 hC70/P400
6Verona08:00 hRostock717:00 hC70/P400
1Verona18:00 hPadborg302:00 hC70/P400
2Verona18:00 hPadborg402:00 hC70/P400
3Verona21:30 hPadborg505:00 hC70/P400
5Verona16:30 hPadborg622:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg102:30 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg107:00 hC70/P400
1Vienna22:00 hHerne304:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna03:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna22:00 hHerne404:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna03:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna22:00 hHerne504:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna03:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna22:00 hHerne604:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna03:00 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna22:00 hHerne104:00 hC70/P400
6Vienna12:00 hHerne204:00 hC70/P400
1Duisburg23:00 hBusto305:00 hC50/P390
2Duisburg23:00 hBusto405:00 hC50/P390
3Duisburg23:00 hBusto505:00 hC50/P390
4Duisburg23:00 hBusto606:00 hC50/P390
5Duisburg23:00 hBusto105:00 hC50/P390
1Busto21:30 hDuisburg306:00 hC50/P390
2Busto21:30 hDuisburg406:00 hC50/P390
3Busto21:30 hDuisburg506:00 hC50/P390
4Busto21:30 hDuisburg606:00 hC50/P390
5Busto21:30 hDuisburg106:00 hC50/P390
1Leipzig19:30 hHall218:30 hC70/P400
3Leipzig19:30 hHall506:00 hC70/P400
5Leipzig19:30 hHall110:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig11:00 hHall206:00 hC70/P400
1Hall15:30 hLeipzig305:00 hC70/P400
2Hall15:30 hLeipzig405:00 hC70/P400
4Hall15:30 hLeipzig605:00 hC70/P400
5Hall20:00 hLeipzig105:00 hC70/P400
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:30 hRotterdam RSC306:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:30 hRotterdam RSC506:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 15:30 hRotterdam RSC106:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:30 hRotterdam ECT Delta211:30 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:30 hRotterdam ECT Delta408:30 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 15:30 hRotterdam ECT Delta720:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 09:30 hRotterdam Euromax222:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 09:30 hRotterdam Euromax420:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 15:30 hRotterdam Euromax708:00 h
1Rotterdam RSC7 // 15:00 hKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam RSC2 // 22:00 hKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam RSC4 // 22:00 hKornwestheim106:00 h
1Rotterdam ECT Delta1 // 05:00 hKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam ECT Delta3 // 11:00 hKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam ECT Delta5 // 13:00 hKornwestheim106:00 h
1Rotterdam Euromax6 // 21:00 hKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam Euromax3 // 05:00 hKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam Euromax5 // 05:00 hKornwestheim106:00 h
2Munich1 // 19:00 hRotterdam RSC306:00 h
4Munich3 // 19:00 hRotterdam RSC506:00 h
6Munich5 // 19:00 hRotterdam RSC722:00 h
2Munich1 // 19:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta323:00 h
4Munich3 // 19:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta523:30 h
6Munich5 // 19:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta120:00 h
2Munich1 // 19:00 hRotterdam Euromax312:00 h
4Munich3 // 19:00 hRotterdam Euromax514:30 h
6Munich5 // 19:00 hRotterdam Euromax106:30 h
2Rotterdam RSC2 // 20:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Rotterdam RSC4 // 20:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam RSC6 // 20:00 hMunich206:00 h
2Rotterdam ECT Delta2 // 04:00 hMunich306:00 h
4Rotterdam ECT Delta4 // 01:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam ECT Delta7 // 08:00 hMunich206:00 h
2Rotterdam Euromax2 // 10:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Rotterdam Euromax4 // 06:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam Euromax6 // 10:00 hMunich206:00 h