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TXCARGOSTAR Hamburg CTB - Nürnberg

We are pleased that you have found your TX connection. On this page, you will find all the information you need for your further planning: the terminal data, and downloads of the individual Schedule and terminal conditions. Should you have any questions, our disposition staff will be pleased to assist – as with registering a firm booking. We are looking forward to taking you to your destination.




    21129 Hamburg

    Terminal Conditions


    Mo: 06:00 am - 11:59 pm
    Tu - Fr: 24 h
    Sa: 00:00 - 02:30 pm


    +49 040 308 80




    TriCon Container-Terminal Nürnberg GmbH
    Hamburger Straße 59
    90451 Nürnberg

    Terminal Conditions


    Mo. - Fr. 06:00 am - 09:00 pm
    Sa. 06:00 am - 11:00 am


    Tel: +49 (0) 911/99 96 81-0
    Fax: +49 (0) 911/99 96 81-10




    Customer Service Maritime Verkehre, Import
    Customer Service Maritime Transports, Import
    +49 (0) 2241 14 92 412


    Customer Service Maritime Verkehre, Export
    Customer Service Maritime Transports, Export
    +49 (0) 2241 14 92 412

Day of Loading
Day of Arrival
1Leipzig19:00 hSona306:00 hC70/P400
1Leipzig19:30 hSona306:00 hC70/P400
2Leipzig19:30 hSona406:00 hC70/P400
3Leipzig19:30 hSona506:00 hC70/P400
3Leipzig20:30 hSona506:00 hC70/P400
4Leipzig19:00 hSona606:00 hC70/P400
4Leipzig19:30 hSona606:00 hC70/P400
5Leipzig19:30 hSona106:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig / No RID / WASTE 11:00 hSona206:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig19:00 hSona206:00 hC70/P400
1Sona20:00 hLeipzig305:30 hC70/P400
2Sona11:00 hLeipzig311:00 hC70/P400
2Sona20:00 hLeipzig405:30 hC70/P400
3Sona11:00 hLeipzig411:00 hC70/P400
3Sona20:00 hLeipzig505:30 hC70/P400
4Sona20:00 hLeipzig605:30 hC70/P400
5Sona11:00 hLeipzig611:00 hC70/P400
5Sona20:00 hLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
6Sona12:00 hLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
6Sona12:00 hLeipzig205:30 hC70/P400
1Leipzig19:30 hHall218:30 hC70/P400
2Leipzig19:30 hHall320:00 hC70/P400
3Leipzig19:30 hHall506:00 hC70/P400
4Leipzig19:30 hHall607:00 hC70/P400
5Leipzig19:30 hHall110:00 hC70/P400
6Leipzig / No RID11:00 hHall206:00 hC70/P400
1Hall15:30 hLeipzig305:30 hC70/P400
2Hall15:30 hLeipzig405:30 hC70/P400
3Hall18:30 hLeipzig505:30 hC70/P400
4Hall15:30 hLeipzig605:30 hC70/P400
5Hall15:30 hLeipzig105:30 hC70/P400
6Hall11:30 hLeipzig205:30 hC70/P400
1Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona305:15 hC70/P400
2Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona405:15 hC70/P400
3Lubeck BRG15:00 hVerona505:15 hC70/P400
3Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona505:15 hC70/P400
4Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona605:15 hC70/P400
5Lubeck BRG / No RID21:30 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
6Lubeck BRG21:30 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
7Lubeck BRG18:00 hVerona205:15 hC70/P400
1Verona22:30 hLubeck BRG308:00 hC70/P400
2Verona11:00 hLubeck BRG315:30 hC70/P400
2Verona22:30 hLubeck BRG408:00 hC70/P400
3Verona22:30 hLubeck BRG508:00 hC70/P400
4Verona22:30 hLubeck BRG608:00 hC70/P400
5Verona22:30 hLubeck BRG708:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hLubeck BRG719:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hLubeck BRG108:00 hC70/P400
2Lübeck BRG23:00 hSegrate410:30 hC70/P400
3Lübeck BRG23:00 hSegrate510:30 hC70/P400
5Lübeck BRG / No RID23:00 hSegrate106:00 hC70/P400
7Lübeck BRG17:30 hSegrate210:30 hC70/P400
1Segrate12:30 hLübeck BRG223:00 hC70/P400
2Segrate12:30 hLübeck BRG323:00 hC70/P400
4Segrate12:30 hLübeck BRG523:00 hC70/P400
5Segrate12:30 hLübeck BRG623:00 hC70/P400
4Verona16:00 hPadborg608:00 hC70/P400
5Verona16:00 hPadborg101:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg102:30 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hPadborg107:00 hC70/P400
1Rostock06:00 hVerona213:30 hC70/P400
3Rostock06:00 hVerona413:30 hC70/P400
4Rostock06:00 hVerona513:30 hC70/P400
5Rostock06:00 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
7Rostock17:30 hVerona205:15 hC70/P400
1Verona16:00 hRostock220:00 hC70/P400
2Verona16:00 hRostock320:00 hC70/P400
3Verona16:00 hRostock420:00 hC70/P400
5Verona10:00 hRostock617:00 hC70/P400
6Verona07:30 hRostock717:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona211:30 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona305:15 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona 311:30 hC70/P400
2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona405:15 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona 411:30 hC70/P400
3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona 505:15 hC70/P400
4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona605:15 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor / No RID08:00 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
6Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
1Verona15:00 hCologne Eifeltor 217:30 hC70/P400
1Verona22:30 hCologne Eifeltor 301:30 hC70/P400
2Verona15:00 hCologne Eifeltor 317:30 hC70/P400
3Verona15:00 hCologne Eifeltor 417:30 hC70/P400
3Verona22:30 hCologne Eifeltor 501:30 hC70/P400
4Verona15:00 hCologne Eifeltor 517:30 hC70/P400
4Verona22:30 hCologne Eifeltor 601:30 hC70/P400
5Verona15:00 hCologne Eifeltor 101:30 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hCologne Eifeltor 117:30 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hCologne Eifeltor 201:30 hC70/P400
1Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hHall206:00 hPC70/400
1Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall306:00 hPC70/400
2Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hHall306:00 hPC70/400
2Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall406:00 hPC70/400
3Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hHall406:00 hPC70/400
3Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall506:00 hPC70/400
4Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall606:00 hPC70/400
5Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hHall107:00 hPC70/400
5Cologne Eifeltor22:30 hHall107:00 hPC70/400
6Cologne Eifeltor08:00 hHall107:00 hPC70/400
1Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor217:30 hPC70/400
1Hall20:00 hCologne Eifeltor301:30 hPC70/400
2Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor317:30 hPC70/400
2Hall20:00 hCologne Eifeltor417:30 hPC70/400
3Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor501:30 hPC70/400
3Hall20:00 hCologne Eifeltor517:30 hPC70/400
4Hall16:00 hCologne Eifeltor601:30 hPC70/400
5Hall15:00 hCologne Eifeltor101:30 hPC70/400
5Hall20:00 hCologne Eifeltor117:30 hPC70/400
6Hall11:30 hCologne Eifeltor201:30 hPC70/400
1Herne18:00 hVerona305:15 hC70/P400
2Herne18:00 hVerona405:15 hC70/P400
3Herne18:00 hVerona505:15 hC70/P400
4Herne18:00 hVerona605:15 hC70/P400
5Herne18:00 hVerona105:15 hC70/P400
6Herne12:00 hVerona205:15 hC70/P400
1Verona22:30 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Verona22:30 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Verona22:30 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Verona22:30 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Verona22:30 hHerne107:00 hC70/P400
6Verona11:30 hHerne207:00 hC70/P400
1Herne18:00 hHall222:00 hC70/P400
2Herne18:00 hHall322:00 hC70/P400
3Herne18:00 hHall422:00 hC70/P400
4Herne18:00 hHall522:00 hC70/P400
5Herne18:00 hHall106:00 hC70/P400
6Herne12:00 hHall122:00 hC70/P400
1Hall20:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Hall20:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Hall20:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Hall20:00 hHerne607:00 hC70/P400
5Hall20:00 hHerne107:00 hC70/P400
6Hall11:30 hHerne207:00 hC70/P400
1Herne21:30 hVienna302:00 hC70/P400
2Herne01:30 hVienna307:00 hC70/P400
2Herne21:30 hVienna402:00 hC70/P400
3Herne01:30 hVienna407:00 hC70/P400
3Herne21:30 hVienna502:00 hC70/P400
4Herne01:30 hVienna507:00 hC70/P400
4Herne21:30 hVienna602:00 hC70/P400
5Herne17:00 hVienna100:00 hC70/P400
5Herne / No RID23:30 hVienna110:30 hC70/P400
6Herne13:00 hVienna119:00 hC70/P400
1Vienna22:00 hHerne304:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna03:00 hHerne307:00 hC70/P400
2Vienna22:00 hHerne404:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna03:00 hHerne407:00 hC70/P400
3Vienna22:00 hHerne504:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna03:00 hHerne507:00 hC70/P400
4Vienna22:00 hHerne604:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna03:00 hHerne102:00 hC70/P400
5Vienna22:00 hHerne104:00 hC70/P400
6Vienna12:00 hHerne204:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 401:00 hC70/P400
2Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 501:00 hC70/P400
3Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 601:00 hC70/P400
4Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 701:00 hC70/P400
5Cologne Niehl20:30 hCurtici 101:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Niehl10:30 hCurtici 201:00 hC70/P400
6Cologne Niehl12:00 hCurtici 301:00 hC70/P400
1Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl407:00 hC70/P400
2Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl507:00 hC70/P400
3Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl609:00 hC70/P400
4Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
5Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl107:00 hC70/P400
6Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl207:00 hC70/P400
7Curtici23:59 hCologne Niehl307:00 hC70/P400
1Cologne North21:00 hBologna307:00 hP70/P400
2Cologne North21:00 hBologna407:00 hP70/P400
3Cologne North21:00 hBologna507:00 hP70/P400
4Cologne North21:00 hBologna607:00 hP70/P400
5Cologne North / No RID21:00 hBologna107:00 hP70/P400
6Cologne North13:30 hBologna207:00 hP70/P400
1Bologna20:00 hCologne North306:00 hP70/P400
2Bologna20:00 hCologne North406:00 hP70/P400
3Bologna20:00 hCologne North506:00 hP70/P400
4Bologna20:00 hCologne North606:00 hP70/P400
5Bologna20:00 hCologne North106:00 hP70/P400
6Bologna / No RID10:30 hCologne North206:00 hP70/P400
1Duisburg DUSS22:00 hSegrate305:30 hP70/P400
2Duisburg DUSS22:00 hSegrate405:30 hP70/P400
3Duisburg DUSS22:00 hSegrate505:30 hP70/P400
4Duisburg DUSS22:00 hSegrate605:30 hP70/P400
5Duisburg DUSS / No RID22:00 hSegrate105:30 hP70/P400
6Duisburg DUSS11:30 hSegrate205:30 hP70/P400
1Segrate20:00 hDuisburg DUSS306:00 hP70/P400
2Segrate20:00 hDuisburg DUSS406:00 hP70/P400
3Segrate20:00 hDuisburg DUSS506:00 hP70/P400
4Segrate20:00 hDuisburg DUSS606:00 hP70/P400
5Segrate20:00 hDuisburg DUSS106:00 hP70/P400
6Segrate / No RID12:00 hDuisburg DUSS206:00 hP70/P400
1Venlo19:30 hMelzo305:00 hP70/P400
3Venlo19:30 hMelzo505:00 hP70/P400
5Venlo19:30 hMelzo105:00 hP70/P400
1Melzo21:30 hVenlo306:00 hP70/P400
3Melzo18:00 hVenlo506:00 hP70/P400
5Melzo18:00 hVenlo106:00 hP70/P400
1Malmo20:30 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Malmo20:30 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Malmo20:30 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Malmo20:30 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
5Malmo20:30 hEskilstuna608:00 hC70/P400
7Malmo12:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
1Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo207:30 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo307:30 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo407:30 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo507:30 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hMalmo607:30 hC70/P400
6Eskilstuna10:00 hMalmo708:30 hC70/P400
1Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna206:00 hC70/P400
2Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna306:00 hC70/P400
3Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna406:00 hC70/P400
4Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna506:00 hC70/P400
5Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna608:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg15:00 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
7Trelleborg19:30 hEskilstuna106:00 hC70/P400
1Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg207:00 hC70/P400
2Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg307:00 hC70/P400
3Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg407:00 hC70/P400
4Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg507:00 hC70/P400
5Eskilstuna19:30 hTrelleborg607:00 hC70/P400
6Eskilstuna10:00 hTrelleborg711:00 hC70/P400
6Eskilstuna10:00 hTrelleborg117:00 hC70/P400
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg300:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg400:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg500:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg600:30 h
6Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg100:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hNuremberg122:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim305:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim405:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim505:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hKornwestheim105:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm305:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm505:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm608:00 h
6Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm105:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hUlm205:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich211:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich311:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich411:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich422:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich511:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT I-III13:00 hMunich609:00 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg300:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg400:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg500:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg600:30 h
6Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg100:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hNuremberg122:00 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim305:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim405:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim505:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hKornwestheim105:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm305:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm505:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm608:00 h
6Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm105:30 h
7Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hUlm205:30 h
1Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich211:30 h
2Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich311:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich411:30 h
3Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich422:30 h
4Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich511:30 h
5Bremerhaven CT IV13:00 hMunich609:00 h
5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim610:00 h
1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim309:30 h
6Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim205:00 h
1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMannheim308:00 h
3Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMannheim508:00 h
5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMannheim112:00 h
2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg408:30 h
4Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg515:30 h
7Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg114:30 h
1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg308:30 h
2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt413:30 h
4Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt515:00 h
7Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt115:00 h
1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt314:30 h
2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMunich621:30 h
5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMunich306:30 h
2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMunich406:30 h
5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hMunich109:30 h
2Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hUlm513:00 h
1Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hUlm319:00 h
3Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hUlm509:30 h
5Wilhelmshaven Eurogate13:00 hUlm109:30 h
3Frankfurt3 // 17:30 hHamburg Eurogate413:00 h
4Frankfurt4 // 17:30 hHamburg Eurogate514:00 h
5Frankfurt5 // 14:00 hHamburg Eurogate623:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate718:00 h
1Frankfurt1 // 17:30 hHamburg CTA213:15 h
4Frankfurt4 // 16:30 hHamburg CTA519:00 h
5Frankfurt5 // 14:00 hHamburg CTA623:15 h
6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTA719:15 h
1Frankfurt1 // 17:30 hHamburg CTB215:00 h
3Frankfurt3 // 17:30 hHamburg CTB415:30 h
6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB722:30 h
1Frankfurt1 // 16:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate313:00 h
1Frankfurt1 // 16:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
5Frankfurt5 // 16:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate716:00 h
6Frankfurt5 // 18:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt314:30 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt413:30 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hFrankfurt609:30 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hMannheim208:00 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hMannheim408:00 h
6Hamburg CTA13:00 hMannheim612:00 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg308:30 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg408:30 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hNuremberg608:30 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim309:30 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim405:00 h
5Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim611:30 h
6Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
7Hamburg CTA13:00 hKornwestheim205:00 h
1Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm219:00 h
2Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm319:00 h
3Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm419:00 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm509:30 h
6Hamburg CTA13:00 hUlm109:30 h
1Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich206:30 h
4Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich521:30 h
6Hamburg CTA13:00 hMunich109:30 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hFrankfurt314:30 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hFrankfurt515:00 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hFrankfurt114:30 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim308:00 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim608:00 h
6Hamburg CTB13:00 hMannheim112:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg308:30 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg508:30 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hNuremberg108:30 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim309:30 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim511:30 h
6Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim105:00 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim111:30 h
7Hamburg CTB13:00 hKornwestheim205:00 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm309:30 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm319:00 h
3Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm419:00 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm519:00 h
6Hamburg CTB13:00 hUlm109:30 h
2Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich311:30 h
4Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich521:30 h
5Hamburg CTB13:00 hMunich606:00 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt413:30 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt515:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt609:30 h
7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hFrankfurt114:30 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim508:00 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim608:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMannheim112:00 h
1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg208:30 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg508:30 h
5Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hNuremberg722:00 h
1Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim212:30 h
2Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim311:30 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim605:00 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim106:30 h
7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hKornwestheim205:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm409:00 h
4Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm509:30 h
7Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hUlm119:00 h
3Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich406:30 h
6Hamburg Eurogate13:00 hMunich109:30 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III214:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III414:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III516:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III614:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT IV214:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT IV414:00 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT IV516:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 14:30 hBremerhaven CT IV614:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 12:00 hHamburg Eurogate314:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 17:30 hHamburg Eurogate415:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 20:30 hHamburg Eurogate423:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 20:30 hHamburg Eurogate623:00 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 20:30 hHamburg Eurogate721:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 12:00 hHamburg CTA209:15 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 20:30 hHamburg CTA220:45 h
2Kornwestheim1 // 20:30 hHamburg CTA323:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 20:30 hHamburg CTA623:15 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB213:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 14:30 hHamburg CTB214:00 h
2Kornwestheim1 // 20:30 hHamburg CTB321:30 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 17:30 hHamburg CTB415:30 h
4Kornwestheim4 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB512:00 h
6Kornwestheim6 // 12:00 hHamburg CTB714:30 h
6Kornwestheim5 // 21:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate616:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 20:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
2Kornwestheim2 // 20:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 17:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 20:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hHamburg Eurogate413:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hHamburg Eurogate616:00 h
6Mannheim5 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate715:00 h
1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hHamburg CTA213:15 h
3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hHamburg CTA413:15 h
5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hHamburg CTA623:15 h
1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hHamburg CTB215:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hHamburg CTB614:00 h
6Mannheim5 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB716:00 h
1Mannheim1 // 12:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
3Mannheim3 // 12:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
5Mannheim5 // 12:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
1Munich1 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III300:00 h
2Munich2 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III400:00 h
3Munich3 // 05:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III408:00 h
3Munich3 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III422:00 h
4Munich4 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III522:00 h
5Munich5 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III700:00 h
6Munich6 // 12:30 hBremerhaven CT I-III208:00 h
6Munich5 // 20:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III716:00 h
1Munich1 // 17:30 hBremerhaven CT IV300:00 h
2Munich2 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT IV400:00 h
3Munich3 // 05:30 hBremerhaven CT IV408:00 h
3Munich3 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT IV422:00 h
4Munich4 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT IV522:00 h
5Munich5 // 20:30 hBremerhaven CT IV700:00 h
6Munich6 // 12:30 hBremerhaven CT IV208:00 h
6Munich5 // 20:00 hBremerhaven CT IV716:00 h
2Munich2 // 16:30 hHamburg Eurogate319:00 h
5Munich5 // 08:30 hHamburg Eurogate113:30 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hHamburg CTA218:00 h
2Munich2 // 16:30 hHamburg CTA318:15 h
4Munich4 // 11:30 hHamburg CTA519:45 h
3Munich3 // 19:00 hHamburg CTB421:30 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hHamburg CTB217:00 h
6Munich6 // 12:30 hHamburg CTB718:00 h
5Munich5 // 08:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate215:00 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
2Munich2 // 16:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
4Munich4 // 11:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate615:00 h
1Nuremberg1 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III209:00 h
2Nuremberg1 // 19:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III304:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III409:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III509:00 h
5Nuremberg5 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III608:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III109:00 h
1Nuremberg1 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV209:00 h
2Nuernberg1 // 19:00 hBremerhaven CT IV304:00 h
3Nuernberg3 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV409:00 h
4Nuernberg4 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV509:00 h
5Nuernberg5 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV608:00 h
6Nuremberg6 // 10:00 hBremerhaven CT IV109:00 h
1Nuremberg1 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate214:00 h
5Nuremberg5 // 18:00 hHamburg Eurogate119:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 19:00 hHamburg CTA313:15 h
4Nuremberg4 // 19:00 hHamburg CTA513:30 h
6Nuremberg6 // 11:00 hHamburg CTA120:45 h
1Nuremberg1 // 08:30 hHamburg CTB211:00 h
3Nuremberg3 // 18:00 hHamburg CTB413:30 h
1Nuremberg1 // 21:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate313:00 h
5Nuremberg5 // 21:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate716:00 h
2Nuremberg2 // 19:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
4Nuremberg4 // 19:00 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate615:00 h
1Ulm1 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III216:00 h
2Ulm2 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III316:00 h
3Ulm3 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III417:00 h
5Ulm5 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III617:00 h
6Ulm6 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT I-III116:00 h
1Ulm1 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT IV216:00 h
2Ulm2 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT IV316:00 h
3Ulm3 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT IV417:00 h
5Ulm5 // 15:00 hBremerhaven CT IV617:00 h
6Ulm6 // 14:00 hBremerhaven CT IV116:00 h
2Ulm2 // 06:30 hHamburg Eurogate308:00 h
3Ulm3 // 06:30 hHamburg Eurogate409:00 h
4Ulm4 // 06:30 hHamburg Eurogate511:00 h
5Ulm5 // 06:30 hHamburg Eurogate610:00 h
1Ulm1 // 18:30 hHamburg CTA220:15 h
3Ulm3 // 06:30 hHamburg CTA408:30 h
3Ulm3 // 18:30 hHamburg CTA422:15 h
4Ulm4 // 18:30 hHamburg CTA113:45 h
6Ulm6 // 06:30 hHamburg CTA714:30 h
1Ulm1// 18:30 hHamburg CTB221:30 h
3Ulm3// 18:30 hHamburg CTB423:00 h
4Ulm4// 06:30 hHamburg CTB510:00 h
5Ulm5 // 18:30 hHamburg CTB617:30 h
6Ulm6 // 06:30 hHamburg CTB715:30 h
1Ulm1 // 18:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate415:00 h
1Ulm1 // 18:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate315:00 h
3Ulm1 // 18:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate515:00 h
6Ulm6 // 06:30 hWilhelmshaven Eurogate115:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 12:00 hRotterdam RSC306:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 12:00 hRotterdam RSC506:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 16:00 hRotterdam RSC106:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 12:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta212:30 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 12:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta412:30 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 16:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta720:00 h
1Kornwestheim1 // 12:00 hRotterdam Euromax222:00 h
3Kornwestheim3 // 12:00 hRotterdam Euromax420:00 h
5Kornwestheim5 // 16:00 hRotterdam Euromax708:00 h
1Rotterdam RSC7 // 15:00 hKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam RSC2 // 22:00 hKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam RSC4 // 22:00 hKornwestheim106:00 h
1Rotterdam ECT DeltaKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam ECT DeltaKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam ECT DeltaKornwestheim106:00 h
1Rotterdam EuromaxKornwestheim306:00 h
3Rotterdam EuromaxKornwestheim506:00 h
5Rotterdam EuromaxKornwestheim106:00 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hRotterdam RSC306:00 h
3Munich3 // 20:00 hRotterdam RSC506:00 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hRotterdam RSC720:00 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta322:00 h
3Munich3 // 20:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta514:30 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hRotterdam ECT Delta115:30 h
1Munich1 // 20:00 hRotterdam Euromax312:00 h
3Munich3 // 20:00 hRotterdam Euromax521:00 h
5Munich5 // 20:00 hRotterdam Euromax106:00 h
2Rotterdam RSC2 // 20:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Rotterdam RSC4 // 20:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam RSC6 // 20:00 hMunich206:00 h
2Rotterdam ECT Delta2 // 04:00 hMunich306:00 h
4Rotterdam ECT Delta4 // 01:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam ECT Delta7 // 08:00 hMunich206:00 h
2Rotterdam Euromax2 // 10:00 hMunich406:00 h
4Rotterdam Euromax4 // 06:00 hMunich606:00 h
7Rotterdam Euromax6 // 10:00 hMunich206:00 h