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TXCARGOSTAR intermodal

In order to ensure seamless logistics for the continental loading units of our customers, we combine the strengths of road and rail across Europe with TXCARGOSTAR intermodal. This enables us to deliver all performance-defining elements to our customers from a single source. Because as an international logistics company, we do not see ourselves exclusively as transport companies for rail freight traffic, but in the sense of combined transport we develop integrated concepts without system breaks. In this way, we are able to meet all the requirements of procurement as well as distribution logistics – from the flexible booking of individual units to individual block train solutions.

The benefits of TXCARGOSTAR intermodal:

  • Central management of the system in the European Control Center
  • Production of trains with own TXL locos and TXL own staff
  • Realtime monitoring of trains by state of the art IT systems
  • Constant information in case of deviations and early notifications to customers through a customer-oriented customer service, which is switched as a cross-sectional function between the customer, terminals and production
  • Independence in the choice of terminals
  • Customer-oriented Schedules (synchronized with the logistics requirements of the industry)

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