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TXLOGISTIK gets things moving. As a rail logistics company, we are directly connected to the pulse of the European economy. Since 1999, we have been taking businesses and their goods across borders to their destinations. TX was founded as a private railway company and has an established European network. Since January 2017, TXLOGISTIK has been wholly owned by the Mercitalia Group, a subsidiary of Ferrovie delle Stato Italiane.


We started off in 1999 as a pioneer in the industry. Our foundation came at a time of radical change, at the start of market deregulation. Our founders’ feeling for the potential of the rails was visionary, and rapid growth confirmed the success of our strategy.

Today we are one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe and in turn provide impetus to the industry.



9,4 billiontonne kilometres per year
18.500trains per year
252 Mio. €sales per year

Every year we move over 18,000 trains through Europe from Germany, the hub of European freight flows. Cost-effectively and sustainably.

When we talk about 9.4 billion tonne kilometres and 252 million euros in sales per year, we are talking about much more than just quantities. We are talking about the experience we have gained and expanded in just under 20 years. And about the trust of our customers, which we regard as an obligation. We do everything in our power to plan and provide the best possible service for you.



TXLOGISTIK brings Europe closer. Today we operate in eleven countries, and tomorrow we will create new connections where they are needed. You benefit from the proximity of a medium-sized company, firmly rooted locally in different European countries, as well as the far-sightedness and tightly meshed networking of a company operating throughout Europe.

Your advantage: We consider all the European opportunities and requirements together with you and apply our solutions locally at the right interfaces. For continuous traffic.


A good network is not a rigid structure; it remains flexible, expands and grows, and makes use of the opportunities the market creates. Our primary aim is further internationalization, in order to increase your flexibility.  We create growth from within our own network and enter into collaborative ventures where these increase the opportunities for you and promote the continuity of your delivery chains.

Tell us what you need. We will make the connections. So that your goods get there.

We connect the hot spots in the business centres of Europe for you.

Intermodal transport

The map shows you our tightly meshed network in the intermodal sector – for your continental and maritime traffic. The links stand for geographical relations and for the networking of different players on and along the tracks.

Conventional rail freight

In the field of conventional freight transport we offer you everything the European rail network can provide. Let us talk about your requirements. We will plan your journeys individually for you.

Gian Paolo Gotelli

Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability and ecological responsibility are firmly anchored in the strategy of strong companies: Today, more than ever before, we are all called upon to see economic action having an impact on the future. TXLOGISTIK stands for concepts that really make a difference, that make it easy for you to bear your responsibility. For truly sustainable supply chains.

The decision in favour of rail is a decision in favour of climate protection. This awareness has to be brought into sharp focus in order to accelerate the urgently needed shift from road to rail and to make your logistics successful. We work daily to further improve the performance of the railways, to facilitate access and to expand our network for you through international growth. We also draw on synergy from cooperative arrangements and on the particular strengths of the MercItalia Group.

Berit Börke

Chief Sales Officer
I am enthusiastic about logistics as a key discipline in the economy. Markets are volatile, complexity is high and the ability to make reliable plans is decreasing in many sectors. This increases the need for flexible control. Accepting these challenges and advancing European rail logistics together with our customers, our TX team and our partners is what motivates me personally.

Albert Bastius

Chief Operations Officer

It is tremendous how the the railways have changed and developed in recent years. For me, the challenge is to play an active role in shaping this change and to work constantly to make rail more attractive as a means of transport.

TX means to me networking Europe closely with intelligent logistics solutions and high-quality train products and to set new standards in efficiency and productivity with our modern wagon and environmentally friendly locomotive fleet.

We are passionate about our products, and that is noticeable every time a train moves.

How we see ourselves

Safety and Quality

Since our foundation, we have continuously focused on improving cross-border rail freight traffic. TX is to stand consistently for quality and safety – throughout Europe. Orientating ourselves towards both of these at the same time is highly demanding – and in an international context it becomes much more complex.

A managment function that has always enjoyed top priority with us.

Behind all logistics concepts and production systems at TX there are complex processes that we actively design to make you successful throughout your supply chain. An Integrated Management System is indispensable in this context: as a control and monitoring instrument for our safety and quality levels.

Our Safety Management System helps us to identify, evaluate and control risks and take preventive action at an early stage. We are also establishing a Quality Management System. Recently, our subsidiary in Italy was certified.



All the certificates you find here are much more than an obligation for us. They demonstrate the special consciousness of our employees for safety and quality, and stand for an authentic promise of performance for you:

We will take you reliably and safely to your destination.


Rail is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. By definition, therefore, our company is committed to sustainable transport and climate protection.

We do everything we can to make it easier for you to choose the railways, and aim to change the modal split in the medium and long term by shifting traffic from road to rail. With flexible route solutions and intelligent linking of modes of transport, we enable more and more companies to make the switch. In this way, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and thus demonstrably protecting the environment.

With our fleet and an innovative  craning system we underline the positive effects. In this way we are using exclusively highly modern, energy saving locomotives. And: With NiKRASA we enable an entrance to the rail where it was not possible before: Non craneable semi-trailers are made craneable.

In the future too, we aim to switch more and more traffic from road to rail: for sustainable transport and climate protection.


From the TX headquarters in Spich, near Cologne, we plan and control your freight transport throughout Europe. All our employees make their personal contributions to your traffic. In the European Control Center (ECC), all train movements are monitored continuously 24/7. So that your goods get where you them you want them to be.