Since its foundation TXLOGISTIK has consistently managed to turn its visions into reality and has developed into one of the leading European rail transport companies. With courage. With expertise. With joy. From container transport to automobile transport. And this remains as it is and will not change in the future. We will continue to strive towards achieving our objectives and to give new impetus to freight transport in the future. In doing so, we will always keep the requirements of our customers in mind - your requirements.


1999 Foundation of  TXLOGISTIK AG
2000 Set up and start of the first privately owned contaimer train system boxXpress.de
2001 Start of the first automobile transports from the factories of large car manufactures to the German sea ports and back
2002 Doubling of the vehicle fleet
2003 First cross-border transports to Italy and the Netherlands
Foundation of TXLOGISTIK Austria GmbH
Foundation of TXLOGISTIK GmbH Switzerland
Received certification as specialist waste management company (transports) 
Equity investment by the Italian State Railroad
2004 Foundation of TXLOGISTIK AB Sweden
EVU license was granted in Austria and Switzerland
First transit traffic through Switzerland
2005 Majority investment by Trenitalia SpA by means of a capital increase
Start of the intermodal link Herne-Verona as operator and EVU in one function
Funding was granted as part of the EU programme “Marco Polo” for innovative solutions in intermodal transport
2006 Use of multi-system locomotives in Italy, Austria and Germany
2007 Inclusion of transport services on the Sweden - Italy axis via Rostock
Introduction of the service product TXCARGOSTAR with its own separate website and online order management system TXCARGOSTAR online
2008 Considerable increase in volume in all service fields
Adoption of the Danish multi-purpose network
Implementation of the platform concept for the steel industry
2009 Obtained the EVU license and the safety certificate for the Netherlands
Inclusion of initial transports using multi-system locomotives allowed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and The Netherlands
Implementation of an innovative train system Oslo-Rotterdam and strengthening of the Nordic region
2010 Preparations for the SMS system Germany/France
2011 The Italian State Railroad becomes the sole shareholder of the private railroad TXLOGISTIK AG
2012 Start and expansion of own activities in the Netherlands
Connecting of Rotterdam in the TX network
New TX coal traffics
2013 Expansion of Herne Melzo link to Herne-Cologne-Busto
Extention of the Kassel-Verona train to Hanover Kassel to Verona
Start of the new connection Padborg-Nuremberg
2014 Expansion of Rotterdam - Bavaria
First spadeful of earth for new TXLOGISTIK headquarters
Official presentation of NIKRASA
2015 Opening of own office in Munich
Start of the new connection Lubeck - Stockholm
Move into the new headquarters to Troisdorf/Spich
Expansion of Herne - Malmö

And there is more to come!


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